10 best female wicket-keepers in International Cricket

Cricket as a game has developed throughout the long term. In any case, this male-overwhelmed sport is being invaded by ladies throughout the most recent couple of years to demonstrate their value.

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Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor

Cricket as a game has developed throughout the long term. In any case, this male-overwhelmed sport is being invaded by ladies throughout the most recent couple of years to demonstrate their value.

Fans acknowledge male cricketers everywhere in the world. Nonetheless, the ladies who play a similar game are also well viewed as an after-suspected. They are an article to be perused and skimmed over by people in general.

Besides the acknowledgment factor, we see rising prevalence. It is a stunning achievement and a rousing second for ladies everywhere in the world. Besides, it shows how much women cricketers advanced throughout the long term.

In Cricket, an ongoing investigation acquaints us with a couple of female wicket-keepers who are overwhelming this class of cricket. They have on numerous occasions shown unadulterated ability in the field. These ladies merit more acknowledgment than fans give them throughout the entire existence of cricket.

Check the best 10 female wicket-keepers with the most excusals in the game

1. Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor has a place with the UK and is the best female wicket-attendant with the most extreme number of excusals in worldwide cricket. She has an astounding 247 excusals to her name.

Sarah Taylor is the wicket-attendant to date who has played in more than 220 International matches. Sarah already resigned from the International field. Tragically she won't have the option to add more to her victories. Many cricket specialists contrast Sarah with extraordinary compared to other wicker-keepers in male cricket, for example, MS Dhoni.

2. Trisha Chetty

A youthful South African player, Trisha Chetty is the second-best female wicket-guardian in the game. She has joined the public cricket crew in 2007 and has excused 214 parts in the range of her game.

Trisha has been extolling for her athletic keeping aptitudes behind the wickets and her novel batting abilities too.

3. Merissa Aguilleira

This West Indian wicket-guardian has played more than 200 matches in both ODI's and T20's. She has 172 excusals to her name. This unmistakable player has taken retirement from International Cricket in 2019. She has praiseworthy abilities both as a batsman and a wicket-attendant.

4. Jane Smit

Jane is an English wicket-manager batsman who is notable for her commitment to the achievement of the Ashes in 2005. She has played in more than 120 global counterparts for her nation.

Besides, she can gladly include 161 excusals in International matches. Jane has taken retirement from the group in 2008 and is being viewed as one of the veterans of the game.

5. Rachel Priest

The following cricketer in our rundown of top 10 female wicket-keepers with most excusals is Rachel Priest. Rachel is a standout amongst other sportswomen in New Zealand. She is a hard hitter in batting and an astounding wicket-attendant.

Thus, she protects the fifth situation on this rundown with 160 excusals to her name. She is truly outstanding in ladies' cricket, and her ascent to notoriety was through Central Districts. She has played in more than 160 International matches and made her nation pleased.

6. Batool Fatima

A Pakistani wicket-keeper who was likewise a medium-pacer makes sure to be in the sixth place here. Batool Fatima has been playing for her group since 2001 yet her last worldwide game was in 2009 with Ireland. She is a convenient player who has more than 152 excusals behind the stumps in her name.

7. Alyssa Healy

This Australian female wicker-guardian has greatness set apart in her qualities. Alyssa Healy has excused more than 152 players with her magnificent wicket-keeping aptitudes. Her International introduction for her group was in 2010 against New Zealand, and she has played more than 100 T20I matches.

Other than this, one of the world's best batsmen, Virat Kohli has commended Alyssa for her incredible batting aptitudes too.

8. Rebecca Rolls

Rebecca denoted her presentation in 1997. This New Zealand cricketer makes sure about the eighth situation in our rundown of the top 10 female wicket-keepers. Likewise, she has gotten a great deal of acknowledgment for her aptitudes in the field.

Also, she is a standout amongst other One-day International parts in her nation. Rebecca has done more than 137 excusals while keeping the wickets in worldwide cricket.

9. Jodie Fields

Jodie is an Australian wicket-manager who made her introduction to the International discussion in 2006. An expert T20 player and a fruitful wicket-manager. Therefore, she has a gauge of 114 excusals represented her name. She has been an incredible supporter of her group throughout the long term.

10. JC Price

The keep going player on this rundown of top 10 female wicket-keepers is JC Price, and she is an Australian wicket-attendant having 121 excusals to her name.

She is additionally an astonishing batsman and had a 10-year experience playing in her global games. Her global introduction was in 1995. Presently, Julia is the lead trainer of the USA ladies' group.

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