5 cricketers whose own cricket board turned out to be their enemies

There have been such examples when a player's greatest cricketing rival has ended up being his cricket board.

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Shoaib and Afridi

Shoaib and Afridi

There have been such examples when a player's greatest cricketing rival has ended up being his cricket board. It is generally because of a little misconstruing or absence of trust between the player and the board. Unfortunately, the cricketer is consistently at the less than desirable end as he gets fewer chances to demonstrate his value. Now and again, it additionally arrived at a point where a cricketer closes his vocation by reporting early retirement.

Check 5 cricketers whose greatest adversaries ended up being their own cricket sheets

1. Dwayne Bravo

Unexpectedly, "The Champion" of West Indies has never been in acceptable terms with his own cricket board. He has decried them on various events. He likewise straightforwardly reprimanded the board for their determination arrangements. However, to be reasonable for him, the board ought to likewise be considered answerable for his activities. Hereafter it might be said that it is the WICB that denied Bravo from opening his greatest limit at the overall stage.

2. Kevin Pietersen

From his brave batting style to his capacity to pull the group, Pietersen claimed the nation's cricket from numerous points of view. To put it plainly, he gave significance to the Three Lions shirt. All things considered, England never comprehended him totally, and it is obvious from the number of standoffs among him and the ECB.

From the outset, his web-based media posts made him a lowlife according to ECB. Quickly the board began scrutinizing his uprightness towards the English cricket. Very soon, it transformed into ceaseless habitual pettiness in which Pietersen was consistently at the less than desirable end.

3. Shoaib Akhtar

For the majority of Akhtar's profession, PCB questioned his responsibility to the group. Additionally, a portion of his colleagues likewise didn't care for his recklessly determined bowed disposition.

All things considered, the nation's cricket framework ought to likewise be accused of bungling up his profession. PCB never attempted to comprehend Shoaib's issues and dispensed suspensions and fines freely. Instead of trim his ability, the board struggled a personality war with him.

4. Ambati Rayudu

Early in his vocation, Rayudu made a buzz with his stroke play and consistency. His adaptability in his art looked notably better than his partners. That is the reason when he in the long run advanced toward the senior group in 2013, a ton of cricket devotees needed him to prosper as he did in his adolescent days.

In any case, somewhere inside, Rayudu and each Indian cricket fan realize that he hasn't done equity to his ability. His unpredictable personality may have had an impact on it. However, the primary offender must be the BCCI as they never treated him decently all through his vocation. From the start, the board prohibited him for his ICL stretch, and it appeared to be the finish of his cricketing dreams.

5. Usman Khawaja

All things considered, the Cricket Australia (CA) ought to likewise be considered liable for his shifting returns. For the greater part of his profession, the left-hander has been a substitute for the selectors. He is dropped from the crew at whatever point the group loses a prominent arrangement.

It appears to be that the board has never confided in him and, it is likewise clear from his ongoing prohibition from the ODI crew. Even subsequent to being one of the main run-scorers in 2019, he winds up out of the blend once more. So now at 34, Khawaja's profession is at the junction as CA let him down over and over.

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