5 Greatest Captains of TEAM INDIA for ODI Format

Since 1974, the Indian One Day group has named 23 chiefs. To become an Indian cricket crew chief is no little miracle. Cricket fans believe, India is one of the top cricket playing nations.

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Greatest Captains

Greatest Captains

Consider the possibility that we ask you who your preferred Indian cricket crew chief is. Hard to reply, right? Since 1974, the Indian One Day group has named 23 chiefs. To become an Indian cricket crew chief is no little miracle. Cricket fans believe India is one of the top cricket playing nations. And that means the captaincy of such a group requires an exceptional range of abilities. On that note, today, let us talk around 5 biggest Indian cricket crew chiefs. Who is your preferred one out of 5?

MS Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni generally, referred to as MS Dhoni and nicknamed as Maahi; is, without a doubt, the best ODI chief of India. In December 2004, he made his ODI debut against Bangladesh. BCCI made him the captain, after releasing Rahul Dravid in 2007. He captained India till 2016. Dhoni is an assaulting right-handed center request batsman and wicketkeeper and perhaps the best finisher.

He is a man of solid resolve, assurance and is commendable for his cool demeanor extraordinary situations. Group India played 200 ODI matches under his captaincy and won 110 matches with 74 misfortunes, and 5 binds with a pace of 59.25%. He is additionally without a doubt one of wicketkeeper with his unrivaled clever and glimmers like abilities behind the wickets. In his 332 innings, he made 430 excusals (311 gets and 119 stumpings).

He holds different captaincy records. Indian group arrived at number one situation without precedent for the ICC Test rankings in 2009 and 2013; under his captaincy; India group whitewashed Australia in a Test arrangement; and turned into the principal group in over 40 years to do as such.

M. Azharuddin

Mohammad Azharuddin likewise was referred to as Nawab of Hyderabad. His vocation and life in the Indian group were no not a drama with many high points and low points. On 20 January 1985, he made his ODI debut against England. Management named Azharuddin as the commander of the Indian group in 1989. He remained the commander of group India from 1990 till 1999.

Indian group played 174 ODI matches under his administration and won 90 matches with 76 misfortunes; 2 binds with the triumphant pace of 54.16%. He was hesitant, private, and had a bashful character, and just with his bat in his grasp was he articulate. He was likewise a great defender with his getting in slips and outfields. In 1990, against England at Lord's, he played a forceful inning of 121 runs; and was named as a batting virtuoso.

His vocation went to a sudden end in 2000, when people blamed him for a match-fixing in South Africa. The ICC and the BCCI banned Azharuddin, based on a report by the CBI. The boycott had later disavowed on 8 November 2012; however, till then his cricket profession had for quite some time been done. He despite everything stays as the second-best skipper of the Indian cricket crew.

S. Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly alluded to DADA by his colleague, and the whole nation is the most cherished and regarded player; and the chief of the Indian cricket crew and is affectionately called the ruler of Kolkata. In 1991, Sourav Ganguly made a lamentable presentation during the India visit through Australia; and was before long overlooked for a long time and again earned his place on England visit in 1996. Because of some match-fixing embarrassments in 2001; he turned into the chief of the Indian group after Sachin Tendulkar left his position. Ganguly drives India under his captaincy from 1999 till 2005; playing 146 ODI matches with 76 successes and 65 misfortunes with a triumphant pace of 53.90%.

It was Dada himself who gave the solid establishment and fixed the foundation of the Indian group. He earned himself the moniker of 'Lord of Offside' because of his rich batting style on the offside. Media criticized him for removing his shirt in the finals of 2002 Natwest Trophy. He drove India into the 2003 World cup finals against Australia, where he had crushed.

Because of the decrease in his exhibition, he was dropped from the group the next year. He again advanced back to the group in 2006 and got associated with the question with mentor Greg Chappell because of certain false impressions. He gave his retirement in 2008 from the universe of cricket. Nobody can disprove the credits he has given for supporting the vocation of numerous youthful players, and in making the Indian cricket crew into an astounding and solid group it is today.

R. Dravid

Rahul Dravid hailed as one of the best batsmen of the cricket in the whole cricket world. He is otherwise called Mr. Dependable and frequently called as 'The extraordinary divider' by the Indian cricket fans. Dravid batted precisely like the individual he is impressive and upstanding, pride; and confronting everything coming at him with least whine. He made his ODI debut on 3 April 1996 against Sri Lanka.

Dravid later started scoring continually in the ODI coordinates and earned himself a situation in the ODI group. He captained the Indian group for 79 matches, winning 42 matches with 33 misfortunes and winning a pace of 54.16%. In 1996 in England, he practiced alone of the more youthful Indian batsman; demonstrated to have the procedure to adapt to conditions that supported crease and swing.

Dravid was one of the five cricketers chose as Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 2000. He experiences rescued India of difficulties, and there isn't another major part in World Cricket; who has performed so reliably in crunch circumstances as much as Dravid.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is one of the most productive and extraordinary players of the Indian cricket crew. He is the current chief of the Indian cricket crew. He has even outperformed the amazing soccer star, Lionel Messi in charity. Kohli made his worldwide presentation through the Sri Lanka ODI arrangement in the year 2008.

In the year 2010, Kohli had made the vice commander; and Suresh Raina the chief in the tri-arrangement against Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. He is the quickest Indian to reach 1000, 5000, 6000, and 7000 runs; in ODIs and the quickest on the planet to score 8000 and 9000 runs in ODIs. He turned into the skipper of an Indian cricket crew in 2013. India played 62 ODIs under his captaincy winning 46 matches with just 14 misfortunes; one tie, having a triumphant pace of 76.22%.

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