5 most selfish cricket captains in the history

The game of Cricket is all about a group game. There should never be an 'I' in the group.

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Cricket Australia

Cricket Australia

Cricket is all about a group game. There should never be an 'I' in the group. It's considerably all the more upsetting when the commander of the group plays an inning for himself putting his group after his own individual brilliance or requests that his partner does any offensive demonstration. For example, the notorious episode of Greg Chappell asking Trevor Chappell to bowl underarm.

Here we take a gander at 5 such egotistical commanders and their demonstrations

1. Sir Geoffrey Boycott

Boycott had issues in the public group his conceited batting. In 1967, he did score and not-out 246 of every 555 balls against India. However, was out from the team for his selfish batting. There were likewise bits of gossip that the mentor has advised different players to run him out.

Boycott was out of the captaincy of Yorkshire. The club stayed in the lower part of the focuses table – and John Hampshire became the captain of the team.

2. Shahid Afridi

A couple of months prior, previous Pakistani spinner, Danish Kaneria affirmed Afridi for segregation and treated him unjustifiably, in light of the fact that Kaneria is a Hindu. In his collection of memoirs, Game Changer, Afridi has censured incredible batsman Javed Miandad and Waqar Younis about having issues with previous legends.

After the 2011 World Cup, Pakistan visited West Indies and lost the T20I and ODI arrangement. Mentor, Waqar Younis had squabbles with the all-rounder and expresses, "as a skipper, he is youthful, has helpless order, comes up short on a blueprint and is reluctant to tune in to others' sentiments or exhortation".

3. Steve Waugh

Steve Waugh was censured by cricket savants and particularly his partners for being proud and selfish. The contention between Shane Warne and the previous Australian chief is well and completely archived.

In Warne's life account, No Spin, the leg-spinner has named Waugh as "the most childish player I have ever played with". Warne expressed that Waugh was a narrow-mind personality. He thought uniquely about his normal being 50 and Waugh did change as an individual subsequent to turning into the skipper.

4. Steve Smith

Australia under Smith has won 18 out of 34 matches and lost 10. Not just Smith a decent deliberately masterminds with regards to captaincy, however, he likewise partook in one of the most offensive acts in cricket history.

Truly, we are discussing the Sandpaper-entryway embarrassment in South Africa in 2018. The 'administration gathering' containing Smith and David Warner. Just a couple of know who else was there with it. He asked or rather requested youth Cameron Bancroft to utilize the sandpaper ready so as to produce more converse swing. Neither Smith nor Warner did the altering themselves; they utilized the youth as a pawn.

5. Brian Lara

It is a rarity indeed a batsman is reprimanded subsequent to making a world record score. Lara broke Matthew Hayden's record of 380 runs. He scored the primary ever Quadruple Test coordinate century, 400 unbeaten. Unbeaten is a term that is unnecessarily focused on Lara's faultfinders. The record Lara did achieve in 2004, halt date, yet is perpetually talked in a quieted tone, once in a while, legitimately called as an egotistical one.

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