5 popular cricketers who suffered from mental illness

Issues like sadness, uneasiness, stress have caused significant damage to individuals' brain in the current situation, and cricketers are the same in such a manner.

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Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli

Issues like sadness, uneasiness, and stress have caused significant damage to individuals. And, for cricketers, is the same. Cricket is truly just an intellectually debilitating game.

Everything is a walk in the park till the time you are performing. However, when you begin coming up short on even a piece, the genuine article starts. The cricketers aren't just eliminated from his side, yet consistent pointing from individuals around pushes him/her in a dull gap.

Let’s take a look at those 5 famous cricketers who suffered from mental illness:

1. Marcus Trescothick

Britain cricketer Marcus Trescothick, who declared his retirement in 2006, managed emotional well-being issues during the pinnacle of his vocation. In the middle of the visit through India, the cricketer abruptly returned home and later declared that he was managing despondency.

The expert batsman who had most extreme hundreds of years amazingly from the English side needed to bail because of the psychological well-being issues. He later uncovered that his downturn isn't finished, he is as yet not relieved.

2. Virat Kohli

He is no doubt one of the finest batsmen currently. It is really hard to imagine how Virat Kohli can also be a victim of this kind of illness. He has saved the top space in the rundown of ICC ODI’s best batsman.

Nonetheless, disappointment in England in 2014 pushed Kohli in a dull job, and he didn't have the foggiest idea what to do further. The expert batsman even uncovered that it was where he thought 'it's the apocalypse'.

3. Jonathan Trott

He is another England player who battled with genuine emotional wellness issues. The 34-year old was important for his crew during Ashes in 2013 yet chose to end his profession unexpectedly. Simultaneously, he expressed the explanation as a 'long-standing pressure-related condition'.

4. Sarah Taylor

Miracle lady of England's cricket crew Sarah Taylor has likewise been the casualty of psychological wellness issues. The batwoman was instrumental behind England's T20 World Cup triumph in 2009 and 50-overs World Cup win in 2017.

She was a shocker while wearing the job of wicket-guardian, and has 232 excusals on her name, the most elevated in lady cricket up until now. Nonetheless, what is difficult to accept that she did continue experiencing mental issues this while and took a ton of breaks in the middle?

She hung her boots a year ago expressing her nervousness as the explanation, and it came as a stunner for the remainder of the world. She said 'I know it's been an extreme choice, yet I know it's the correct one'.

5. Andrew Flintoff

Previous England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff is additionally one of the numerous players who were in hands of sorrow. Having played in excess of 200 global games, he has 700 runs and 400 wickets. He opens about experiencing gloom during 2006-07 when the English side was a whitewash in Ashes in Australia.

Flintoff has been very open about tolerating his emotional wellness conditions. He said he was unable to comprehend what was befalling him. Flintoff additionally shares that he was drinking over cut-off points during the 2007 World Cup, and when he was unable to get anything, he just went to drink. He acknowledged being on antidepressants for a long while.

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