5 teams with maximum victories in Cricket

By Bet Barter

September 7, 2020

Worldwide cricket began in 1877. In over 140 years of history, cricket playing nations have played more than 7,500 worldwide matches. While the most established cricket design, cricket teams have played multiple times Test cricket matches, and 4255 ODIs. They have additionally played 1084 T20Is in global cricket.

We should investigate the five groups with the most triumphs in global cricket.

Australia – 1035 winnings

The East Asia-Pacific group Australia were the other most seasoned groups in global cricket history. With the time progress, Australia has made gigantic progress and generally kept up the prevailing tag.

Australia is the main group to win 1000 or more global matches, which plainly shows their distress to win the matches. They have dominated 1035 matches out of 1904 internationals as their triumphant rate is 54.36.

Additionally, they have lost 608 matches, drawn multiple times, tied 13 games, and dealt with no outcomes in 37 challenges.

England – 804 winnings

The European group England was one of the two most seasoned groups in worldwide cricket history. Aside from playing Cricket in a top manner, England is known to keep up the way of life at an elevated level. Britain has played 1885 worldwide games, where they have won 804 matches.

Their game achievement rate in global cricket is 42.65%. Their different outcomes in global cricket are 691 thrashings, 347 draws, 32 no outcomes, and 10 ties.

India – 753 winnings

In worldwide cricket history, India was the main Asian group yet a fifth Test group. With the time progress, India has built up itself as one of the pioneers in global cricket. Like the top groups, India delivered many cricket abilities, and the cricket world always remembers them.

After playing 1663 worldwide matches, India proceeded to dominate 753 matches as their triumphant rate is 45.28. Likewise, India lost 635 games, drew 217 challenges, tied multiple times, and oversaw 45 no outcomes.

Pakistan – 716 winnings

The Asian group Pakistan began its global cricket in 1952. They are constantly known as one of the top eccentric groups in worldwide cricket.

Pakistan has played 1506 global matches where they have won multiple times, lost 598 games, drawn multiple times, tied 11 matches, and the other 21 challenges had no outcomes. At present, their triumphant rate is 47.54%.

West Indies – 629 winnings

West Indies made their worldwide cricket debut in 1928. Immediately, they were the commanding side in worldwide cricket. Although they are presently far away from that status, the Caribbean group is as yet a regarded and testing side in worldwide cricket.

The Caribbean group has won 629 matches in 1491 worldwide games, which imply their most recent winning rate is 42.19. While they have lost in 638 games, they have tied in 14 matches and attracted 175 games (additionally had no outcomes in 35 matches).

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