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These 3 RCB players lost their contracts without playing a single game for them

By Bet Barter

December 2, 2020

RCB is one of the groups that aren’t popular for the management of players. While on certain events, they back some wrong players, on others, they scarcely give any odds to promising players. Add to this their conflicting exhibitions on the auction table; RCB's player-dealing has frequently become a wreck.

All things considered, the franchise is gradually improving from this angle. While they had a good auction in 2020, RCB additionally hoped to have come out with a plan during the actual season. In any case, the slip-ups of the past would return into the psyches when things turn out badly.

In this article, we investigate 3 players whose agreements were ended by RCB without being given an opportunity by the franchise.

1. Steve Smith

Back when IPL started, Steve Smith was a part of the RCB franchise for a season. Notwithstanding, the capable Aussie didn't get an opportunity to play for the franchise. Toward the finish of the campaign, RCB decided to release the talented batsman. Smith was a wrist-spinner when RCB picked him, and with Anil Kumble in the squad, it is reasonable that the Aussie couldn't get any opportunity.

2. Sheldon Jackson

Domestic wicket-keepers are an uncommon commodity in IPL. It isn't that India doesn't have numerous glovemen, however, there are not many who are deserving of an IPL stretch. Sheldon Jackson was promising, and RCB picked the youngster to the group. Be that as it may, the Saurashtra cricketer didn't play a single game. In the packed middle-order of RCB, Sheldon couldn't get a chance. Shockingly, RCB even delivered Sheldon rapidly. Along these lines, the player likewise turns out to be essential for the list of RCB players whose agreement was ended without getting a chance.

3. Karn Sharma

Like Steve Smith, Karn Sharma was additionally a part of RCB for some time. He additionally didn't get an opportunity since Anil Kumble was on the program. Notwithstanding, considering Karn could likewise bat, RCB may have utilized the player for a game or two. RCB didn't do that and furthermore, let go of the player toward the finish of the season. Subsequently, Karn is additionally a part of this list.

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