A Few Popular Cricket Stadiums in India

By Bet Barter

August 11, 2020

India is the country of insane cricket fans. Pretty much every house is the home to a cricket darling. Furthermore, this is the wildness that will never decrease. Aside from being the home of fervent cricket fans, India is additionally the home of a couple of cricket arenas, which are world well known.

Today, we have brought to you the five well-known arenas which host cricket matches. India isn’t facilitating the IPL 2020 this year; the BCCI has given the UAE the consent to have the IPL competition. Be that as it may, we will inform you concerning the home ground of the different IPL groups in this post.

Eden Gardens, Kolkata

It is ostensibly the most magnificent arena to ever exist in India. The Eden Gardens of Kolkata is known as the ‘Masters of Indian Cricket’ for a superb explanation. It is the most established arena in the country, with the biggest watcher limit of 68,000. Eden Gardens is equal with energy and love for the game. The Cricket match-up to be ever played on this ground was path in 1934.

It is the home to the Kolkata Knight Riders. You’ll get the opportunity to observe an ocean of purple and gold in each KKR coordinate that happens here. Loaded up with crowds of fanatical and thankful Cricket sweethearts; Eden Gardens is deserving of being one of the home arenas in the IPL as well as in ODI and Test Matches too.

Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

The famous Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, has heaps of stories to tell. First of all, it has seen India lift the World Cup in 2011 after the long hole! It is filling in as the home ground to the most winning IPL group; Mumbai Indians, who have 4 IPL titles to their name. Wankhede is the spot to be on the off chance that you need to be encircled by old-style Cricket fans. With its raised stands that strengthen the arena experience; Wankhede finds a spot in the ten greatest arenas in the country.

Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru

Chinnaswamy Stadium of Bengaluru is unique. With a beautiful lavish green outfield that is as fast as lightning itself; this arena is rumoring as a high-scoring ground for quite a while. This arena is additionally popular for being home to one of the liveliest and roused cricket crowds in the whole world. The fans wave the Royal Challengers Bangalore banners and roots for their lungs out of their vital participants.

Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium, New Delhi

One of the most established cricketing arenas in the country, Feroz Shah Kotla; has seen scores of shining matches to have occurred on its rich green outfield. Kotla is the home ground to the Delhi Capitals. As the national capital is a mix of different societies; supporters of other IPL sides have additionally found in loads at the arena.

M.A Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai

M.A Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai is positive for a vivacious climate to watch coordinates. Passionate enthusiasts of the game visit this arena, the home ground of the Chennai Super Kings. It overflows with eagerness in each match, regardless of which group is playing.

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