A Few Surprising Facts of International Women Cricket

By Bet Barter

August 14, 2020

Today, we can see that ladies are partaking in the cricket with similarly like men. The credit goes to the gigantic notoriety cricket has picked up in the ongoing years. If we look around the Women’s Cricket, we will find that it had not got the sort of consideration it merits. In the ongoing difference in positions, the situation of ladies’ cricket has ended up being better. Also, in light of this upgrade, we can perceive the women cricketers.

Here we have accumulated a couple of the unnoticed Women’s Cricket realities, just to realize them better.

First Women’s Cricket Match

The primary Women’s cricket coordinate follows back in 1745, between Team Bramley and Team Hambledon in Surrey, England. An enormous number of crowds watched the match. 

First Double Hundred

A lady cricketer named Belinda Clark scored the principal twofold hundred in universal cricket. Clark was an Australian cricketer playing from the year 1991 to 2005. She had scored 229* against Denmark’s ladies group in the 1997 World Cup and set this precedent. ICC Cricket Hall of Fame perceived her in 2011.

Women’s World Cup

The Women’s World Cup is more seasoned than the Men’s World Cup by two years. The principal Women’s World Cup was held in England. The hosts won World Cup in uneven last against Australia.

Group India’s beginning in Women’s Cricket

The players played the principal official ladies’ cricket coordinate in the year 1934, and it took 40 years to start ladies’ cricket in India.

First Asia Cup Win of Indian cricket

The Indian ladies’ cricket crew won their first Asia Cup in 2004. Following this success, they won three more Asia Cups.

Most youthful Women Cricketer

Sajida Shan of Pakistan Women’s Cricket crew is the most youthful to show up in universal cricket. She played against Ireland at 12 years old. Shan has the best bowling figures in ODI as well. She has taken 7 wickets for just 4 runs against Japan cricket team.

The defensive unit for Women Cricketers

Like men, ladies’ fragile parts need assurance as well. Ladies players additionally wear midsection defender. The female rendition has a unit with a box, cup, and mid-region monitor.

The term utilized for ladies in batting job

The suitable term for a lady major part in the field, who is in a boss job with the bat isn’t a ‘batsman’ or ‘batswoman’, however, ‘a hitter.’ The analysts regularly utilize the term batsman.

Most noteworthy score in Women’s ODI Cricket in India

Indian cricketer Jaya Sharma’s 138* against Pakistan in 2006 is the most noteworthy score in ladies’ ODI cricket by any Indian.

Best Bowling Score by Indian

Indian Women’s Cricket Team’s Neetu David has the best innings bowling score in ladies’ test matches. She has taken 8 for 53 runs against group England.

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