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Aakash Chopra predicts big changes for MI ahead of IPL 2021 auction

By Bet Barter

November 20, 2020

The fans are considering the win of Mumbai Indians in IPL 2020 as the most ruling victory throughout the history of the T20 tournament. MI looked practically magnificent all through the competition. The team got a huge win over Delhi Capitals in the final match.

MI showed such strength in IPL 2020 that the cricketing world praised them as the best T20 side on the planet. Michael Vaughan, former England captain, went as far as saying that the recent Mumbai side has the ability to win the T20 World Cup as well. With five titles, Mumbai Indians are currently the best side in the history of the tournament.

As per the former India batsman Aakash Chopra, things, however, can change for the defending IPL champions in the next edition, if the mega auction happens. He pointed out that Mumbai will have to release a few of its players in case of a mega auction. He further said that Mumbai Indians probably won't be in favor of mega auction before the next season.

“The suggestion for the Mumbai Indians is that they should somehow not allow the big auction to happen. Although they will still be fine if there is a big auction because their planning is absolutely immaculate,” Aakash Chopra jokingly said.

Aakash Chopra believes Mumbai Indians cannot retain all its good players

According to Chopra, if a big auction takes place, other than the 5-6 players they will have the option to hold, there will be not many changes without a doubt. MI won't have the option to hold everybody as they have so many good players, and someone or the other would have to go.

He further added that once the situation changes, the story may change a bit for the Mumbai-based team. Hence this team may be saying not to have the huge auction.

Chatting further, Aakash Chopra said that the enormous auctions will surely blend up things. As indicated by him, the mega auction will likewise permit different franchises to reach par with the defending champions, Mumbai Indians.  He also pointed out the difference in the level of MI and other teams.

“On a serious note, of course, they don’t decide if a big auction happens or not. If it happens, it will just mix up the things a little, and the other teams might come somewhat on par with them,” Aakash Chopra said.

“At the moment, it is not even a level playing field it seems as there is a vast difference in the level of the Mumbai Indians and the rest of the teams. So, I would expect more of the same from the Mumbai Indians in 2021, nothing different,” he signed off.

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