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Aakash Chopra tests positive for Covid-19

By Alan

April 2, 2022

Cricketer-turned-commentator Aakash Chopra has tested positive for Covid-19. He has been a part of the commentary and broadcast team at the Indian T20 League, but will now have to miss a part of it now

Chopra took it to Twitter to make this announcement. He said that he was safe from the virus for two years but eventually caught it. He assured the fans that his symptoms were not too serious and that he should recover soon.

"After dodging the bullet for nearly two years…I have also succumbed to the C Virus. Yups. Symptoms are mild thus far… should be back on the saddle soon," he wrote in his tweet.

Despite being affected by the virus, the 44-year old has been actively following the Indian T20 League season. He has been very active with his tweets. He also followed the recent game of Mumbai which they lost against Rajasthan.

"Five time champions. Four time champions. Both started the #IPL2022 with two consecutive losses. That’s why it’s imperative to view this season in isolation…with the past laurels counting for precious little. Big auctions can do that…often do that," he wrote in his tweet.