About the Legend of Cricket –Younis Khan

By Bet Barter

September 9, 2020

Few saw Khan as one of Pakistan’s greatest Cricket batsmen, even when he was the first to score 9,000 tests run for that country. When he first reached his five-figure mark, in his last test series, that has changed somewhat.

Determined to be a hungry man with great scores, Younis was one of the best, if not finest, batsman of the mid-range Pakistan who already scored hundreds, and was endowed with the capacity to explode if the situation warrants. Younis was an exquisite cutter and puller as a powerful ball driver who never hesitates for going on top.

It flourished under pressure, with an outstanding record of the fourth inning (1,465 runs at 50.51). His 431 runs came at a sweeping 107.75 during successful chases. Younis seems to be the only cricketer in 11 countries to score test hundreds. He has the greatest test runs for Pakistan (10,099) and hundreds (34). His conversion rate was superb (34 cents, 33 fifties). Younis has the most test hundreds of all batsmen with more than fifties. Younis had the first score of 107 in 2000, hundreds of which continued to come during his career.

More about the legend – Younis Khan and his Cricket career

In 2005 as well as in 2006 he made his first major lilac patch against India, the phase of the Chinnaswamy Test, which included 267 and 84* (this led to Pakistani trial victory in Indian soil). Again when Sri Lanka stacked up 644 for 7, his only certain epic, a gargantuan 760, came in 313. The centuries kept coming, as well as eventually achieved what could perhaps be named his peak, in the year 2014, when once he scored 1,064 runs at 66.50 to five-hundred. The 106, 103 *, 213, 46 as well as 100 * series have been included in the UAE. He also scored a splendid dual hundred at The Oval in the year 2016 for helping Pakistan for leveling out the show and claim the No. 1 mace at the ICC test.

Younis’ legacy, however, is far, much deeper. Together with Misbah-ul-Haq, in the era when those who didn’t sponsor a test besides years; Younis kept Pakistan cricket floating and was confronted with spot fixation.

To compound the situation, in a short time, Younis was affected by a series of personal tragedies: between 2005 and 2006 he lost his father and two elderly brothers, 2011 another older brother. In the meantime, he also had to witness Bob Woolmer’s early demise, whom he regarded as a father.

He as well carried a dubious record of admitting many runs in the over in test match cricket; when Craig McMillan shuttled him beside 26.

Younis’ ODI average has flown in around 31st over a career that spanned 265 matches, despite his excellent shooting repertoire. He had his share in T20 franchise contracts in the overseas countries — Yorkshire, Surrey, and a Rajasthan Royals season.

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