About the players who might have played their last World Cup match

By Bet Barter

September 7, 2020

ICC Cricket World Cup, the biggest sport ever, has always given us a bunch of interesting stories. Although some of those were like a refreshing break that illustrated the gutty efforts of little established players or rookies, some stories left the legends of the game, who most probably played their last ever World Cup, to fascinate us with fairy-tales.

20 years later, the event of the tournament’s spotlight has returned to England and once again pledge not just the aura around the game as well as the batting ability that never fascinates us.

Chris Gayle

For the great and powerful West Indian, living is like a massive celebration. The various cricketing stadiums all around the world are just like his event venues. Throughout the scenario of ‘Universe Boss’, one thing for sure, there is no lack of drama or enjoyment when he is around. So, it is no surprise that thousands of followers appreciate him when he journeys around the revolutionizing T20s in various T20 leagues. Chris Gayle, who declared retirement from ODIs after the end of the continuing World Cup, made a dramatic comeback for the West Indies set-up, so if he set the tone in the home for England previously this year.

Can he encapsulate his form into anything spectacular in his last World Cup? Can he amuse us in the last hurrah of ODI cricket in one of the more dramatic manners? In the process help the Windians to qualify for semis or beyond?

Yes, let us pray that Chris Gayle tends to leave an impression upon the World Cup. Certainly his last task only at the international stage too; already when he adversely affects curtains on his highly esteemed ODI career.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Since before Mahendra Singh Dhoni struck a frenzy 148 against Pakistan too far 2005 at Vizag, his appearance as being one of the finest wicketkeepers and batsmen in the nation has only just increased dramatically.

But, for Mahi, each World Cup is and has been unique, captaining his team to the ultimate glory. His undefeated score of 91 toward Sri Lanka throughout the final is the highest as well as the most important innings he ever has got to play in his professional life. Now he becomes the part of tournament’s folk tales but is indeed a real beacon in Dhoni’s eccentric legacy.

Hashim Amla

Hashim Amla, South Africa’s legend of 36, presently gets himself somewhat wild for quite a while. He is one of the genuine honorable men of the game. He is South Africa’s generally dependable and ineffectual cricket power with the bat. After one dad figure for exactness, appears to have lost track after they visit India, back in November-December 2015.

In 2011 and 2015, he participated in the South African World Cup. He became a leader only at top of Protea’s order.

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