Akash Chopra Rejects Nepotism Claims In Indian Cricket, Talks About Arjun Tendulkar’s Struggles

By Bet Barter

June 29, 2020

Ex-Indian cricketer and opener Akash Chopra rejects nepotism claims in Indian cricket. Chopra asserted that there was no nepotism in Indian cricket, referring to instances of the careers of Arjun Tendulkar, son of Sachin Tendulkar and Rohan Gavaskar, son of Sunil Gavaskar. During the higher levels of cricket, players get no advantages. Yet, he said this could occur at the domestic level of cricket.

Arjun Tendulkar, Sachin Tendulkar’s son, visits the UK normally. Arjun has familiarity with bowling against the Indian and the England cricket team. English bowler Johnny Bairstow was forced out of the meeting because of an injury to Arjun. Arjun was one of the bowlers who gave the net to the Indian women’s team when they arrived at the finals of the 2017 Women’s World Cup. However, he never has played on the senior squad.

For Arjun’s situation, you can discuss nepotism. Arjun Tendulkar, son of famous Sachin Tendulkar, won’t part with anything. Arjun doesn’t have simple access to the Indian cricket squad. Indeed, even the India Under-19 team won’t be chosen.

“Whenever a selection is made, it will be based on good performance,” Akash Chopra said in a YouTube video.

Nepotism doesn’t work on higher levels of cricket

Arjun has additionally played for India’s Under-19 team for the 2018 Youth Test. But, the Mumbai Ranji group missed an opportunity. Despite the fact that the Mumbai Indians played amazingly on the net, the star has not shown up in the IPL. Rohan Gavaskar, Sunil Gavaskar’s son, has played in the Indian team as well. Yet, he didn’t have a long career in international cricket. Notwithstanding, Rohan Gavaskar played a great deal in domestic cricket. As the son of Sunil Gavaskar, he could have played plenty of ODIs and Tests, yet it is in no way like that – assessed by Akash Chopra.

Rohan Gavaskar has been a part of the Indian team since he was consistently good for Bengal. Son of Gavaskar, Rohan did not get a chance in the Mumbai team despite being named Gavaskar. He has played 11 international matches for India. Rohan has scored 6938 runs in 117 matches. He is the current cricket commentator.

Rohan has been a part of the Indian squad since he was reliably useful for Bengal. He didn’t get an opportunity in the Mumbai squad in spite of being named Gavaskar. Rohan Gavaskar has played 11 international matches for India. In 117 matches, Rohan has scored 6938 runs. He is currently a cricket commentator.

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