All about the Longest Cricket Test Match in the History

England and South Africa played the game in Durban. The game took off on 3rd of March and went on until 14th of March – 9 days in total.

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Longest Test Match

Longest Test Match

England and South Africa played the game in Durban. The game took off on the 3rd of March and went on until the 14th of March – 9 days in total. The game was a draw as the English players needed to catch the boat heading to England. England needed to win 41 encounters at the end of the 9th day. The timeless test is often described as the only of its kind in history, because of the draw and the length of this match. Since then, Proteas's South African Cricket team has continued to break world records.

B Michell, EAB Rowan, PGV van der Bijl, and A Melville and many others took part in the history game of A South Africa. Unfortunately, the Timeless Match ended after around 10 days and 46 hours of cricket with the only outcome that few thought possible-the draw. The unfortunate thing was indeed the match dropped because of rains as team players left.   From the beginning, it had been evident that this was last day for all the 1000-mile tour to Cape Town on March 17.

South Africa, with an outstanding fielding overall, held Britain in check at 39 runs in the first hour. Norman Gordon was particularly successful in reducing runs with a leg-stump line, which he had bowled without luck, and Wally Hammond and Eddie Paynter were able to scale the pace in only the second half of the sitting. Without taking any chances they took every chance and Hammond managed the strike successfully. Visibly the South Africans were waving and heads were dropping. For most of the day, Alan Melville proceeded to feed at a rate to eat as much as he could.

The Test match took 10 days and 46 hours to complete

England dropped below the 100th mark when the wicketkeeper caught Paynter down well off Gordon. It was his first match wicket. Hammond continued attacking for rain in two short stoppages; until he went dancing down the pitch to try and loft Eric Dalton over his head. His innings were almost 6 hours long but only included 7 fours. His role seemed like England would win if he stayed. The runs will follow, and he was excellent to position the ball for the sole.

Bryan Valentine must have been bummed off his first ball. He too was beaten by Dalton and heavens were opened as the players went to tea. The rain lightens after the interval. When the players start walking down the pavilion stairs, it began to pour out again. There was no hope for resumption this time.

The captains discussed but it was like for some time the Management of the MCC and the South African Board decides to extend the game to the 11th day of the Wednesday lunch.

It also says that the team could proceed and drop the two batsmen. The four not out players behind for the match, or even charter a plane for replacing the train.

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