‘Argentines treat Messi as God, Portuguese treat Cristiano Ronaldo as king. But…’ – Raphinha frustrated with Brazil fans

By Daniel S

November 26, 2022

Brazil team are currently busy playing the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. However, the five-time World Champions are currently the number-one ranked team in the world. On 25 November 2022, Brazil played their first group-stage game against Serbia in the ongoing World Cup. However, they had a great start to this edition of the tournament.

Neymar looked good while playing. But, fans were worried to see him when he left the field in the 80th minute. Now, reports have come out that he is going to miss the upcoming group-stage matches for Brazil. Now, his teammate Raphinha slammed Brazil fans regarding their treatment of the Brazilian superstar.

“The biggest mistake of Neymar’s career is being born in Brazil.” – Raphinha

On his Instagram account, Raphinha wrote: “The Argentines treat Messi as God. The Portuguese treat Cristiano Ronaldo as king. Brazilian fans cheer for Neymar to break his leg, how sad. The biggest mistake of Neymar’s career is being born in Brazil. This country does not deserve his talent and his football.”

About his injury, Brazil Head Coach, Tite said that Neymar will not miss any upcoming clashes in the tournament after the tournament opener. He said: “We are confident that Neymar will continue playing, he will continue playing in the World Cup. I didn’t see Neymar was hurt. And he had the capacity to overcome this, he even tricked me.” But, further tests confirmed that Neymar will definitely miss the next clash against Switzerland. Then, against Cameroon, he might make a comeback. But, he will look to be available fully in the next round.

Neymar also shared a message with fans about his injury. He said: “The pride and love I feel wearing the shirt is unexplainable. If God gave me the opportunity to choose a country to be born in, it would be BRAZIL,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “Nothing in my life was given or easy, I always had to chase after my dreams and my goals. Never wishing someone harm but helping those in need. Today has become one of the most difficult moments of my career… and again in a World Cup. I have an injury yes, it’s annoying, and it’s going to hurt but I’m sure I’ll have a chance to come back because I’ll do my best to help my country, my companions, and myself.”