How can Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors qualify for playoffs of NBA 2023-24?

Basketball: Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors have not had a great season till now. Check out the way they can qualify for the Playoffs of the ongoing NBA 2023-24 season.

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Qualification scenario of LAL and GSW (Source: X)

Los Angeles Lakers (LAL) and Golden State Warriors (GSW) have not had a great season in the ongoing NBA 2023-24. While the Lakers are placed in the 9th position of the points table currently in the Western Conference with 26 wins and 25 losses to their name, the Warriors have placed just a position below them in the same conference with 21 wins and 25 losses to their name.

The NBA Playoffs have four rounds - First Round, Conference Semifinals, Conference Finals, and the NBA Final. Out of the 15 teams from each conference, eight teams qualify for the NBA Playoffs. The first six teams from each conference will make it through based on their season record, while the Play-in tournament decides the fate of the other two teams in each conference.

Each team will get to play seven matches in the playoffs. The first four teams that will manage to win four matches in the playoffs will qualify for the Conference Semifinals. The teams that manage to win the most number of matches in the semifinals make it to the conference final. The table toppers from either conference will take on each other in the final of the season. 

Can the LA Lakers and Warriors qualify for the playoffs of NBA 2024?

In the Pacific sub-division, the Lakers and Warriors are below the likes of Clippers, Kings, and Suns. The Clippers are almost through to the Playoffs given their superior record. Hence, the Lakers and Warriors would be hoping to see the Suns and Kings lose as many games as possible. At the same time, the Warriors and Lakers must be able to win as many wins as possible. 

The Lakers have a better chance of qualifying than the Warriors, as they have more wins compared to the Lakers (26 vs 21). The Lakers are well in contention to make it to the Playoffs and indeed have a good chance of making it. However, a couple of losses would mean a serious dent in the chances of the Warriors to qualify for the playoffs. Hence, every match from here needs to be treated as a do-or-die match by the Warriors.

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