Best Indian ODI Batsmen at No. 4 during the Last 30 Years

Cricket is a gentleman’s game, but it also is a competitive sport around the world. Every cricket team around the word needs match-winners in their squad.

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Aug 06, 2020 13:49 IST
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ODI Batsmen India

ODI Batsmen India

Cricket is a gentleman’s game, but it also is a competitive sport around the world. Every cricket team around the word needs match-winners in their squad. When the top order batsmen fail to deliver through their bat, it is the middle order that steadies the team. If we try to specify, it is the batsman at number four that saves the squad from collapsing from the bowling attack of the opponent team.

The batsman at number four tries his best to steady the run rate in the middle overs. It is a huge responsibility for him. He has to be aware of sound technique and not throw away his wicket to the bag of the opponents.

Let’s know the names of the few Indian cricketers who have played the role of number four batsmen well in the last 30 years:

Mohammad Azharuddin

This cricketer has associated with many scandals during his cricket career. But, we cannot deny his talent for playing the apt role of number four batsman very well. The right-hander had always mesmerized his fans through his strokeplay. He has been the guard of the team for many years of his rough career. His stroke technique with his wrists enabled him to rotate the strike smoothly. This characteristic makes any batsman at number four successful.

Yuvraj Singh

When on the crease, the fans enjoy no other batsman than Yuvraj Singh. The fans are crazy about this talented batsman. His timing and footwork are world-class. Yuvi has set a niche of his at the number four and, this makes his rather praiseworthy in the international cricket arena.

Rahul Dravid

Fans do not call him Mr. Dependable without reason. Rahul Dravid is one of the greatest legends of the Indian cricket team. There are numerous and numerous instances when Dravid has come as the rescue of the squad. When he had been batting at number four for the team, most of the time India, won the match. With his calm and cool-head composure, he instilled a sense of security in the dressing room of the Indian team. For the fans, he will remain one of the best number four batsmen.

Virat Kohli

Fans think of him as the demigod. Virat Kohli is one of those batsmen who have conquered any all the three formats of cricket with his batting. He bats at number three in the squad. However, there have been many tense games for India, when Kohli came to the field at number four. With his strikes, he smashed the bowlers and took India to win the match.

Shreyas Iyer

Indian middle-order has gone through turmoil for some time until Shreyas Iyer gave his masterstroke. The highly-rated young cricketer has struck a perfect balance between his aggression to bat and the caution he takes during batting. The cricket experts think and even the fans that Shreyas Iyer is going to be one of the best batsmen at number four, India has seen in many years. We are hoping that this comes true for the Indian team, as they are searching for a number four batsman for a couple of years or more.

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