Brian Lara showers praise on Rishabh Pant and his off-side game

By Bet Barter

October 12, 2020

Rishabh Pant is nowadays playing in the IPL 2020 in a much-improved form and has impressed many from the cricket world. One of the impressed people is the West Indies batting great Brian Lara. Brian Lara talks about the much-improved off-side play of the young cricketer. Lara believes that the 23-year old Pant’s play will add a new dimension to his game. He feels that Pant will be a well-rounded batsman in future

Pant is playing for Delhi Capitals in this IPL season. With a strike rate of almost 140, he has piled up 171 runs in five games.

“He (Pant) is a major asset for the Delhi Capitals, but today he has also vastly improved his game. I am talking about his batting and the improvements he made in that department,”

Lara said on Star Sports show ‘Cricket Live’.

Lara feels many things have changed in Pant’s batting style

According to Brian Lara, Pant was turning out to be a one-trick pony, following his shots on the on-side only. Pant has of course matured and realized that just playing on the on-side will not help him. This is something that has changed in the batting tactics of Pant.

“On what (when he first came to the scene) immediately was noticeable was his propensity to try and get everything to the leg-side. Also, look at his run (earlier) scoring chart(s) and that’s quite a proof of that fascination he had with the on-side.”

Brian Lara

“I think he has come to realize that this is not working and he went away and worked on improving his off-side play,”

added Lara, one of the greatest to have ever graced the cricket field.

After watching him play for the Delhi Capitals, Lara exclaimed that Pant has now nurtured his ability of scoring runs all-round the cricket field.

The former West Indies left-hander further added that the scoring records of Pant are looking impressive at this moment. As per Lara, it means Pant is a danger for the bowlers.

Lara has further observed that Pant is now a well-balanced cricketer and when he takes the bat, he looks to score in those areas where he has not scored in the earlier occasions. Those areas can be the over extra cover, over point, in front of point.  Pant doesn’t fall over to the off-side while batting to strike the shots on the leg side.

Lara concluded by saying that he believes that this can be considered as the major improvement on Pant’s behalf. His improvement will help him during his all-round batting. Lara feels Pant has a long-long way to go.

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