'Another name you guys mess up as well’ - Aussie commentators brutally trolled by Wasim Akram's hilarious humour

Wasim Akram was active in his commentary stint, alongside the Aussie commentators in the recently concluded three-match Test series between Australia and Pakistan.

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Wasim Akram and Australian Commentators (File Photo: X)

Wasim Akram with Australian Commentators (File Photo: X)

Former legendary Pakistan pacer Wasim Akram is one of the all-time greats who ever graced the game of cricket with their excellence on the field for a long time. However, Akram also keeps hitting the headlines for his analyses and comments as a cricket expert after the end of his active career in international cricket.

Apart from that, the former speedster is also known for his witty sense of humour in the commentary box. He is one of the few active commentators in the world of cricket who never fails to entertain the audience with their perfect and intelligent wit off the field during the interactions or in a stint in the commentary box.

In the same line of events, Wasim Akram recently attracted the eyeballs when he caught the Australian commentators off-guard as they struggled to pronounce the name of the veteran Pakistan opener Fakhar Zaman.

A video is making rounds on social media, in which former Pakistan can be seen giving a challenging task to the Aussie commentators to pronounce Fakhar Zaman’s name in their typical Aussie accent.

“There’s another name you guys mess up as well. Try to pronounce Fakhar,” said Wasim Akram to the Aussie commentators; subsequently, the Aussie commentators couldn’t stop laughing after this unpredictable verbal bouncer from the former Pakistan legend. It all happened when Akram was active in his stint in commentary during the recently concluded three-match Test series between Australia and Pakistan.

Here’s the video of Wasim Akram trolling Australian commentators:

Furthermore, Akram also explained the reason for the difficulty for the Aussie in pronouncing the word ‘Fakhar’ mentioning an anecdote of his wife Shaniera and son back in Pakistan.

“So, Shaniera came to Pakistan and my son’s friend’s name was Fakhar. He brought his about 12-year-old friend and he said, ‘This is my friend, Fakhar’. She said, ‘Hang on a minute’. Because Australians can’t pronounce K in their language, it took her about two years to pronounce his name,”

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