Asian Cricket Council chairman Jay Shah to probably vacate the position for Apex Cricket Council Chairman role

Jay Shah likely to vacate ACC president position for Apex Council chairmanship role in the future. It is a big mystery whether it is the right move or not.

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With the immense growth of cricket in Asian countries it is safe to say that they will need a separate organisation to run the sport in the largest continent in the world. This led to the establishment of the Asian Cricket Council(ACC) in the year 1983 which is one of the subordinates to the Apex Council as well. There are 6 full members on this board with the likes of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. This organisation was responsible for controlling the cricket tournaments all over Asia and is in charge of tournaments like the Asia Cup as well.

The current president of the ACC is none other than Jay Shah, who has taken up many duties in the Indian cricketing world. Shah assumed the office in January 2021 along with being the Secretary of the Indian Cricket Board as well. His work in the Gujarat Cricket Association has made him one of the top administrators in Indian cricket right now. There is no doubt he is one of the biggest names in the game right now and is still running things for the cricketing nations all over Asia. He has also been part of the committee of the Indian Premier League(IPL) as well.

Jay Shah likely to vacate title

With some conflicts between the ACC and the Apex Council, it looks like Shah is most likely to vacate his chair as the president and might thinking of the role of Apex Council chairmanship role. This might seem unlikely since he is already a big member of the Indian board and the ACC and there are updates on an election for the ACC president as well. However, if Shah chooses to vacate these positions, there will certainly be a chance for him to take this role, knowing his political connections as well.

There is no surprise that Jay Shah might be thinking of a big future in cricket and this will certainly be a big boost in his career. He has done a  great job so far as a cricket administrator and he deserves this push as well. Shah has been in charge of some of the great moments in the game of cricket and it will be interesting to see if he has the same success while being in charge of the Apex Council as well. There will be a lot of debate about whether this is a great decision from Shah going forward and vacating the seat on short notice.

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