Nathan Lyon gives sharp remarks on Bazball

Nathan Lyon gave a sharp remark on Bazball. The Australian spinner felt that he has an advantage over English batters despite the change in their approach.

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Nathan Lyon (Source: Twitter).

Nathan Lyon had a sharp take on Bazball. Recently, the term 'Bazball' was added to the dictionary. The term got its origin from the way England played their cricket under the coaching of Brendon McCullum, whose nickname is 'Bazz'. It came to be known as playing according to Brendon or 'Bazz'. The term 'Bazball' rhymes with the sport 'Baseball', which is all about hitting the ball.

Hence, Bazball is the way of play where the batters bat in an aggressive way in Test cricket, which is not just unconventional, but risky as well. It does provide an opportunity for the batters to play fearless cricket. The way of play England has adopted has received mixed opinions over the last few months. While England had a better success rate under McCullum and Stokes, there are people who don't feel it any special.

For instance, England tied the Ashes series 2-2 against Australia earlier this summer in England. The home side was termed favorites to win the series but ended up only drawing it 2-2. Even against New Zealand earlier this year, the Three Lions could get a 1-1 draw. Such results have raised the question of the success rate of Bazball in Test cricket. 

'Now, it's in the dictionary, which is pretty extraordinary' - Nathan Lyon 

Speaking about the same in one of the interviews, Lyon said that he had a wood over England batters and their style of play. In the Ashes series earlier this year, Lyon troubled the batters and picked wickets despite their aggressive way of play. Before getting ruled out of the series due to an injury, Lyon claimed wickets against England and helped Australia to gain the early lead in the series. 

"I'm 2-0 against Bazball, so I am happy. It's a load of s***, if you ask me. It's a brand of cricket that the English want to keep going with. Now, it's in the dictionary, which is pretty extraordinary," remarked Lyon in the interview. The Australian spinner felt that he did not sense any Bazball in the series against Australia. 

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