Shubman Gill's hilarious response pushes fan to hit the books

Gill has been in good form of late, having responded to critics with a couple of lovely innings in the ongoing Test series vs Ben Stokes' England.

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Gill's response was funny as well as inspiring.

Gill's response was funny as well as inspiring (Source: Twitter)

A recent interaction between Shubman Gill and a fan of his has gone viral. The fan had uploaded a reel that said that she would start studying from the next day onwards if the Indian cricketer replied to the reel. "Agar Shubman ne iss reel pe comment kar diya to kal se padhna shuru kar dungi," she wrote.

In a heartwarming twist, Indian cricketer Shubman Gill actually ended up replying to the reel. Gill left a simple yet hilarious comment to leave users in splits. "Shuru kar do padhna," he wrote which means that she should start studying since the condition has been fulfilled.

While many saw the funny side of this and understandably so, this seemingly small interaction has resonated online, highlighting the power of unexpected encouragement. Gill, a role model for many, unintentionally nudged a stranger towards their academic goals. It's a reminder that even brief interactions can have a lasting impact. More than just a funny anecdote, this incident sparks broader conversations. It emphasizes the importance of role models like Gill using their platform for positive influence. It also shines a light on the struggles students face, highlighting their desire for motivation and validation.

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Gill's Test stocks on the rise?

Shubman Gill's place in the Indian Test side had come under scrutiny due to a string of inconsistent performances. Many questioned his ability to convert starts into substantial scores. However, he silenced his critics with a magnificent century in the second Test against England in Visakhapatnam. This dominant display provided him with much-needed breathing space. He further solidified his resurgence in the following Test at Rajkot, crafting another impressive innings. Though he agonizingly fell nine runs short of a century due to an unfortunate run-out, his consistent application and growing maturity have been heartening signs for the young man from Punjab.

Gill will now be looking to carry his good form to the upcoming Test in Ranchi as India eyes a third consecutive win which will help them seal the series. Post the series, he will be seen in the IPL as the captain of the Gujarat Titans.

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