'Today, I miss him the most because...' - Emotional Akash Deep remembers his late father after maiden India call-up

The Bengal pacer Akash Deep is currently a part of the Indian squad for the final 3 Tests of the ongoing five-match Test Series against England.

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Akash Deep (File Photo: X)

Akash Deep (File Photo: X)

Famous stoic philosopher of his era, Marcus Aurelius said, “The more we value things outside our control, the less control we have.” It applies to all of us in most of the phases of our lives; a similar can be seen with the star uncapped Indian cricketer Akash Deep who faced a lot of things in his life which were out of his control; he also spoke about how he gone through all these phases, including losing his father to paralysis.

Akash Deep recently earned one of the biggest achievements of his cricketing life when he earned the maiden call-up to India’s squad for the final 3 Tests of the five-match series against England.

The Bengal pacer also shared his struggle journey recently in an interview, in which he was quite emotional on a few occasions.

“Absolutely. Whenever something like this happens, I miss my father a lot. I always felt that he needed to see my success. Every father wants to be remembered by their kid’s name. And my father also wanted to see me do something big. I couldn’t do anything when he was around; in fact, he was sceptical about making sports a career,” said Akash Deep to Sportskeeda in an exclusive interview.

“Today, I miss him the most because he would have been the happiest,” he added later.

“Where I come from, playing cricket was considered a crime" - Akash Deep

Furthermore, the 27-year-old also spoke about the culture and mindset of people towards the game of cricket in the area where he grew up and pursued his dream.

“Where I come from, playing cricket was considered a crime. But today, because of me, if the mentality of the people changes there and they start supporting their kids, that will be my biggest achievement,” he said.

“We all have some talent or the other, but we are sometimes forced to study because of family pressure and the talent gets buried. So, I hope those youngsters can now properly express their desire and the parents support them,” the star pacer added.

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