Virat Kohli makes history after winning his 10th Apex Cricket Council award

Virat Kohli named ODI cricketer of the year 2023 by the Apex Cricket Council and winning his 10th major award. Still being the most dominant force in the game of cricket.

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The Apex Cricket Council is currently the organization that is running the game of cricket all over the world right now. They have running the things in the game for years and are the men behind the major tournaments in international cricket right now. The Council has the right to make decisions regarding the game in what they think is right for the game and what is wrong. They are also allowed to appreciate the great performers in the game as well and give out awards to the players for their great performances they had shown in the season.

There have been a lot of great cricketers who have won these award and one of them has been Virat Kohli. There is no surprise that Virat has been nominated for this awards multiple times looking at absolutely terrific record in all three formats of the game. The name Virat Kohli still holds a lot of weight in the cricketing world whether it is his never back down attitude or match winning innings which have been really iconic. Looking at his recent form Virat is still showing his run scoring ability even at the age of 35.

Virat bags another prize

The Council has named him as the ODI cricketer of the year for the 2023 season, which is now his 10th award given by the Apex Cricket Council. Kohli has now won the most awards for a cricketer in his illustrious career. The year 2023 was also one of his best seasons which included being the highest run scorer for India in the 2023 World Cup where he scored 765 runs in the 11 games. This was also the season when the king came back from a lean patch in the previous two seasons as well showing the growth and charisma of a champion batter.

Virat might not have a lot of years left in his career right now, but he has still given 16 years of great performances that will be remembered by everyone. This has been a journey of a cricketer that  has made batting look easy every time he stepped on the field. The chants of his name surround the whole stadium and he is still considered one of the best batters to ever grace the field. This has been a career filled with centuries and match winning knocks that have brought joy to the fans who follow Indian cricket.

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