Virat Kohli’s brother dismisses their mother’s health as reason for Virat’s unavailability against England

Vikas Kohli, the brother of Virat Kohli, took to Instagram to address and dismiss fake news circulating about their mother's health which were rampant on social media after Virat opted out from first 2 tests against England citing personal reasons.

Sarah Andrew
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India's premier batter Virat Kohli has opted out of the first two tests against England citing personal reasons which perturbed Indian cricket fans as Virat's dedication towards the sport is second to none. Virat's unavailability from the England series gave birth to several speculations regarding the health of Virat Kohli's mother.

To counter these speculations Vikas Kohli, the brother of renowned Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, took to Instagram to address and dismiss fake news circulating about their mother's health. In his post, he vehemently denied the false news about their mother's health and urged both the public and the media to refrain from spreading unverified information.

He wrote in the post, "Hello everyone. I have noticed that there is this fake news about our mom's health has been circulating. Let me clear that our mom is fit and fine. Also, I would request everyone and the media not to spread such news without proper information. Thanks everyone for your concern," wrote Vikas Kohli in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

The reason behind the speculation   

Rumours about the health of Virat and Vikas Kohli's mother began circulating when a post from an account named Waleed bin Abdul Az emerged. This post asserted that Saroj Kohli had reportedly been admitted to CK Birla Hospital in Gurgaon in September 2023.

According to the information presented in the post, the family supposedly advised Virat Kohli to concentrate on the ODI World Cup 2023 as his mother had been discharged from the hospital during that period. However, the same source alleged that her condition had deteriorated once again, prompting Virat to be with her and leading to widespread speculation that his mother's health was the primary reason for the cricketer opting out of the initial two Tests against England.

The incident highlights the importance of responsible journalism. In the age of instant information, verifying details before disseminating them is crucial. Spreading false news not only harms the individuals involved but also damages the credibility of media outlets and impacts public trust.   

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