Cricket players who believe in superstitions

Gentlemen's Game is a Cricket game. As well as the gentlemen of a game are individuals, who like all of us have their own superstitions.

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Sep 16, 2020 12:05 IST
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Indian Cricketers and their superstitions

Indian Cricketers and their superstitions

Cricket game is a gentlemen's game. As well as the gentlemen of a game are individuals, who like all of us have their own superstitions. Over the years, several of the famous cricketers have encountered some strange superstitions. People are confident that they didn't play their part in their success.

Sachin Tendulkar

Cricketing GOAT Sachin Tendulkar had once confessed that when he went out to bate during a match he followed a superstition of wearing the left pad first. This thing helped him to function better, Tendulkar believed. Everyone knew he will be the top run-scorer in both tests and ODI, even without it.

Virat Kohli

Our age Tendulkar even once asserted that they are offbeat! At the point when he started to score well, he continued wearing a similar pair of gloves he wore. Notwithstanding, inevitably, he understood that he needed all that he expected to satisfy his innovativeness and devotion. No one knows the pair now!

R. Ashwin

R Ashwin was wearing a bag he thought was lucky, not just for him, but also for the whole Indian team. Though he played during the World Cup just two games, he wore them for all the matches India finally won.

Sourav Ganguly

Also, the big Ganguly was not alien to superstition, much like Tendulkar.  Ganguly is a spiritual individual with many circles. Fairly, he appeared not to shave as the captain of Team India during test matches during his term. He had also batted in his pocket to carry an image of his Guruji.

Steve Waugh

The superstitions are not just Indian cricketers, but they are often backed up by legends abroad. Australia’s great skipper Steve Waugh also believed in superstition as he played in his pocket with a red handcuff. He eventually became one of the world's biggest test captains.

Virender  Sehwag

He used to wear the jersey number 44, but it did not prove too good for him. After consultation with a numerologist, he agreed to wear an innumerable shirt and the bowlers have scarcely seen the back of that jersey since then.

MS Dhoni

Mahi was a great captain, and he definitely has number seven to thank if luck had played its part. He came into being on July 7th and thus the numbers on his mailbox.

Zaheer Khan

In every crucial match, the left-arm Indian paceman had an interest in wearing a lucky yellow slipper. He has come across incredible spells for India and also has a good professional career.

Anil Kumble

Anil Kumble once played with Pakistan on a world record of taking all 10 wickets into an inn. During the match, when he went to the box, he collected a wicket every time he gave Sachin his cap and sweater.

Mohinder Amarnath

Amarnath is an unquestioned Indian cricket legend. During his entire career he made certain that when he was on the ground, his lucky red handkerchief was in his pocket. In the 1983 World Cup, he performed brilliantly and won India's trophy for the final wicket.

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