Cricket World Cup – Some Facts about the Tournament

By Bet Barter

August 21, 2020

We all know that ICC Cricket World Cup is a major event in the world of cricket. ICC organized the first tournament of the World Cup in 1975 when 60 over format was popular. Since that day, the tournament hasn’t looked back and has gained immense popularity among Cricket fans.

First 50 over World Cup in 1987

The fourth version of the World Cup had a slight change in the number of overs. It additionally was the principal ever world cup held outside England. The past three releases were played with 60 overs for every innings. The 1987 version was the principal ever 50 overs World Championship. The organization of the game changed in 1987 due to shorter sunlight in the Indian subcontinent contrasted with England. The decrease of overs implied there were no deferrals in the matches and all apparatuses had finished in a shorter timeframe. From that point forward there hasn’t been an adjustment in the arrangement and all World cup occasions have had a 50 over each side configuration.

The Era of the White ball in World cup- 1992

Kerry Packer, in 1977, presented white balls in World Series cricket in Australia. There were a ton of firsts in the 92 World cup, for example, shaded apparel worn by groups. The sightscreen shading changed to dark, day/night games were playing in a World Cup just because. The greatest change was the adjustment in the shade of the ball from red to white. The shading has changed to white with the goal that the players can locate the ball effectively around evening time. It was as the red ball was not effectively noticeable, and the players had issues to locate the ball under floodlights.

Australia finally got past West Indies

Australia at long last vanquished the world cup experience for the absolute first time in 1992. The different sides had recently confronted each other against multiple times where the men from the Isles country were successful in each experience. In the 1992 World Cup, Australia reversed the situation by vanquishing West Indies for the absolute first time a lot to the joy of the Australian group. The match occurred at the notorious MCG under lights. Australia dominated the game by 57 runs, graciousness a heavenly century by their opener David Boon. They declared him as the player of the match.

First World Cup hit wicket – 1975

Roy Fredericks turned into the principal batsman to get out hit wicket in world cup history. The world cup last of the first release itself saw a hit wicket. The West Indian opener was on 12 when he attempted to snare a short conveyance from the incredible quick bowler Dennis Lillee. Fredericks lost his equalization and fell on the stumps. The West Indies went onto win the World Cup. However, Roy Fredericks entered the history books and turned into the first since forever player to get out hit wicket. From that point forward, 7 additional players have out hit wicket in world cup history.

Fastest delivery in World cup history

Shoaib Akhtar bowled the quickest ball in World Cup history. The record was at 100.2 mph or 161.3 km. He authoritatively turned into the main bowler to break the 100 miles mark, and the quickest bowler since speed has begun to record. He made this record playing against England in World Cup 2003. From that point forward, the Australian team of Shaun Tait and Brett Lee have figured out how to cross the 100mph mark.

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