Cricketers and Their Salaries

By Bet Barter

August 27, 2020

The readers here must be familiar with the Forbes list that displays the top-earning sportsmen everywhere around the world. Have you anytime thought on how the cricket players on this list get their name and how much they earn by playing the national cricket? So below is something which would benefit you.

Below are a few details of the salaries which each cricket board gives to their players:

1. The Indian National Cricket Team

India’s BCCI is, without doubt, one of the world’s wealthiest sports organizations. It also pays the most paid players to the cricket organization. The wages are also attributed to them in accordance with their grades. Salaries for each category:

  • A+ Category = It is 7 crores annually
  • A Category = It is 5 crores annually
  • B Category = It is 3 crores annually
  • C Category = It is 1 crores annually

The Distribution of Bonus

Instead of offering a fixed pay per annum, BCCI provides players with a different type of performance bonus and often a fixed match fee:

  • For the Test match, the team members are paid Rs. 15 lakh
  • For each match ODI, the players are paid Rs. 6 lakh
  • For each T20I, the players are paid Rs. 3 lakh per match

The BCCI incentives given to the players contribute significantly to their game earnings. The bonus announced by BCCI to the players is:

  • If they score a century in the match, they are offered Rs. 5 Lakh bonus
  • They get a bonus of 5 lakhs for the 5 wicket haul
  • To score the double century, the players are provided with a bonus of Rs. 7 lakhs.

2. England National Cricket Team

England Cricket Board seems to be the world’s second-wealthiest cricket control body. It is popular for a luxurious payment they make to the players. Depending on the player’s seniority and prior year results, the UK Board has set certain specific fixed salaries for players. The agreement that the players send is of two kinds. They are checks, white balls, and contracts for percentages. A test contract player charges up to £ 650,000 annually. A player with either a white ball contract should get up to £ 300,000 a year and get £ 200,000 annually for players with a form increment.

The Distribution of Bonus

Each player should get a charge as a special match fee in addition to the set annual pay. A player receives £18,000 for one trial match and a player receives £ 10,000 for each ODI match. The player earns a fee of £ 5,000 for the international match T20. Team skipper will get a 25% bonus on the annual salary and also with incentives for each match winner’s results.

3. The New Zealand Cricket Team

The player’s pay is for security deposit fee and also the match fees for the association of New Zealand Cricket. The team is likely to collect simple $200,000 severance fees as per the sources. There is indeed a 45% perk in the retention fees for the skipper, allowing his profits worth approximately $250,000. The set match fees in the Test and ODI matches are $8,495 and $3,682. Players get a charge of fee of $2407 for each T20 match. It’s 10 percent more when contrasting New Zealand’s salaries with Pak teams.

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