Cricketers scoring Most Ducks in Test Cricket

By Bet Barter

August 28, 2020

The test is the first type of cricket match that came into ubiquity during the mid-twentieth century. After that, ODI cricket and T20 were likewise bringing into this type of game. Yet, at the same time, Tests stay as the most exemplary and energizing configuration of the game.

Here is the rundown of the players who got out without scoring runs for extremely number occasions in Test cricket:

1. CA Walsh

West Indies legend CA Walsh has the record of getting out without scoring any runs for the most time in test cricket. Out of the 132 test matches played by Walsh, he was duck for 43 matches. In his test vocation, Walsh has scored a sum of 936 runs with an individual best of 30 not out.

2. CS Martin

New Zealand cricketer CS Martin remains in the second situation for being duck for in the most number of matches. He was out without scoring a solitary spat 36 test matches of the total of 71 he has played.

3. GD McGrath

McGrath is outstanding amongst other quick bowlers the game has ever played. His astounding presentation has helped Australia numerous matches. He was unable to give an insight into his batting vocation. Of the 124 test matches he played, he has scored a sum of 41 runs with 61 as his own best. McGrath was duck for 35 test innings he played.

4. Stuart Broad

Britain Cricketer Stuart Broad is the major part of the fourth situation of this table. He was duck for 35 innings of the 138 test matches he has played in his worldwide profession. Expansive has a sum of 3211 runs in his Test profession with 169 as his own best.

5. Shane Warne

Warne is perhaps the best spinner throughout the entire existence of cricket. He likewise beat the rundown of players who were out for a duck in universal cricket on most occasions. Warne duck for 34 innings of the 145 tests he played.

6. Murali Muralitharan

The most noteworthy wicket-taker throughout the entire existence of cricket, Murali Muralitharan was a duck of 33 innings of the all-out 133 test matches he played in his profession. Murali has taken an aggregate of 800 wickets that makes him the most elevated wicket-taker ever.

7. Ishant Sharma

Indian pacer Ishant Sharma is extraordinary compared to other test bowlers India has now. Going to the batting side, he was a duck in 31 test innings he played. Ishant has so far played a sum of 97 test matches for India.

8. Zaheer Khan

India’s incredible pacer, Zaheer Khan remains in eight places of this rundown. In his vocation, Zaheer Khan has played an aggregate of 92 test coordinates and has scored 1231 runs from it. He was likewise out for zero out of 29 innings that he played.

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