Cricketers who scored highest against India in Test Matches

By Bet Barter

August 28, 2020

Test cricket is one of the most acknowledged and exemplary types of cricket played. Indian cricket crew has a noticeable spot throughout the entire existence of test cricket. A lot of players have made and broken many records in the past. The truth is they still are making and breaking records in the popular cricket format.

If we search the pages of cricket history, we will find many of these records, which the cricket fans adore, when playing against different cricket playing nations. Here is the rundown of the players who have scored most runs against India in test cricket:

1. Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting is probably the best player to play sports. As a cricket player and the skipper of the Australian cricket crew, his commitments are a lot of significant. Against Indian group, Ponting has scored an aggregate of 2555 runs from 29 matches with an innings high of 257 runs.

2. Alastair Cook

Alastair Cook is the best test cricketer throughout the entire existence of England. He has a generally excellent vocation record against India in tests. Cook has scored a sum of 2431 runs from 30 matches and has a high score of 294 runs.

3. CH Llyod

CH Llyod is a West Indies cricket legend. In his rich cricketing vocation, he has scored 2344 runs against India from 28 test matches. His high score against the group is 242.

4. Javed Miandad

Javed Miandad is popular for his stunning batting aptitudes that appeared on the field. In his profession, he has scored an aggregate of 2228 runs against India from 28 matches with a stunning score of 280 runs.

5. S Chanderpaul

Chanderpaul has a wonderful profession in test cricket. He has scored 2171 runs against India from 25 test matches with a high score of 240 runs.

6. Viv Richards

Viv Richards is the most notable cricketer that the Caribbean has brought forth. Playing for the West Indies cricket crew, this astounding player had scored an aggregate of 1927 runs from 28 matches. His high score is 192 runs.

7. G Sobers

Garry Sobers has scored an aggregate of 1920 runs from 18 test matches against Indian groups with an individual best of 198 runs.

8. Mahela Jayawardene

Sri Lankan legend, Mahela Jayawardene has scored an astonishing 1822 runs against India in his test profession. He accomplished this achievement playing a sum of 18 matches and has scored an individual most noteworthy of 275 runs against India.

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