Cristiano Ronaldo vs Ciro Immobile: How much they worth?

By Miguel Prazeres

July 20, 2020

Cristiano Ronaldo and Ciro Immobile are two of the biggest Serie A names and will face each other at Allianz Stadium, in the Juve-Lazio clash for the 34th round. They lead the Serie A goalscorers list, with the Italian taking advantage of a goal against the Portuguese, who is looking for one of the few individual awards missing: be the best goalscorer in Italy. After all, what is the influence of the two stars in their teams?

Ciro Immobile (29 goals in Serie A)

Ciro Immobile knows what means to be the Serie A top scorer. He achieved this status twice in 2013/14 (22 goals) and 2017/18 (29). The difference for the current season is that the 29 goals that the striker currently carries in the Italian Championship allow him to dream with the Golden Boot. The Bayern’s star, Robert Lewandowski, set a maximum of 34 goals and is currently leading the race, and the Italian striker has five games to match or beat the Polish, now that the Bundesliga is over.

Immobile’s performance has been a real barometer to gauge the team’s form. Statistics show that Lazio achieves good things in the games that the Italian star score. In 33 games, only on three occasions, Immobile scored and Lazio did not win. He has an 0.91 goal average (per game), and their goals represent 42% of the team’s total in the league.

The current drought of goals by Immobile (takes three consecutive games without scoring – something unprecedented in this championship) is reflected in the team performances. No immobile, no fun for Lazio, as they arrive in Turin in a series of three consecutive matches without a win.

Cristiano Ronaldo (28 goals)

This is one of those challenges made for Cristiano Ronaldo. Juve´s superstar knows that he has a golden chance to become the top scorer in the Italian league. And we know how Cristiano takes these challenges seriously. Even more when the objective is to score goals.

The Portuguese ace will finish the second season in Italy. In the first he was from this fight but now he is only one goal away from the top. And, unlike the direct opponent, Ronaldo has been doing a season from less to more. He showed some difficulties in the beginning, but CR7 has an impressive statistic since the beginning of 2020. In 19 Juve clashes, Cristiano only misses the target in two.

This impressive regularity allowed the Portuguese to shorten distances for Immobile and even to dream of the Golden Boot. After all, the Portuguese goal-scoring machine still has five games to play and “only” six separate him from “Lewa”.

Cristiano will start this match with one less goal than Immobile, but with a bigger influence on his team, since Juve scores less. In Serie A, 45% of the team’s goals are signed by Cristiano. It means an average of 0.97. Ronaldo has never been more than two consecutive games without celebrating and he didn’t do it at the previous meeting. A bad sign for Lazio?

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