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CSK with the biggest fanbase among IPL teams

November 26, 2020

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Ankit Seth

IPL has always managed to keep its fans on the edge of their seats. Jam-packed with exhilarating action, IPL is by far the most viewed cricket league in the world. The reason why IPL has garnered so much attention throughout the years is due to its strongly built franchises.

As per sources, CSK is leading the race of the most widely followed franchise in the IPL. This finding was based on research conducted on over 3200 people across India. The data was fetched over a period of almost 8 weeks. As per the study, a fan is someone who supports only one team in the league and has established an emotional connection with it.

The findings have shown CSK to be the most followed team in the IPL, with almost 26.8 million fans in India. Second is defending champions Mumbai Indians, with a fanbase of 24.8 million. Royal Challengers Bangalore, although way behind these two teams, is the third most followed team. The franchise led by Indian skipper Virat Kohli has a fanbase of 13.3 million. These 3 teams alone contribute 75% to the total IPL fanbase. The remaining 5 IPL franchises contribute only 25% to this gigantic total of 87 million fans.

Amongst the 87 million fans who voted, 64% are women, totaling 55 million fans. The remaining 36% are men, accounting for the remaining 32 million fans. Considering all the IPL teams, only CSK and RCB have the most balanced team regarding gender. Both the franchises have 60% male and 40% female supporters respectively.

MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli is the reason for the strong female fanbase of CSK and RCB

One reason why CSK and RCB have such a strong female fanbase could be MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli. These 2 legends are followed by people around the world. It isn’t a bit surprising to see why CSK and RCB possess such a balanced fan base.

Speaking on the findings, Ornax Media CEO Shailesh Kapoor has stated that the measure of a team’s fan base confirms that the sports league is seeing success. A strong fan base also contributes to the success of the league. This involves sponsorship, ticket sales, and others. In the past 13 years, IPL teams have built a very stable fanbase. These estimates strongly suggest that the league is prospering. It is up to the franchises to keep growing these astonishing numbers.

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Written By,

Ankit Seth