Daryl Harper recalled an incident when MS Dhoni had given him a piece of mind back in 2011 when he banned Praveen Kumar from bowling

By Bet Barter

July 22, 2020

Umpiring is perhaps the hardest occupation in cricket. Notwithstanding the innovation being accessible for them, the umpires on occasion go under the scanner. This is for committing an odd error which ends up being conclusive. There are a couple of groups or even cricketers who aren’t partial to a portion of the umpires. Steve Bucknor was the person who wasn’t in the acceptable books of the Indian fans; because of his rulings against Sachin Tendulkar and in the scandalous Sydney Test.

Aside from him, Australian umpire Daryl Harper has consistently been at the center of attention; particularly while directing in the matches including India. He also has scandalously known for his ‘shoulder before wicket’ excusal of Tendulkar. Harper himself reviewed an occurrence when MS Dhoni had given him a bit of brain in 2011. It was Praveen Kumar’s presentation Test; and Daryl, the umpire, prohibited the pacer from bowling for running on the pitch.

MS Dhoni wasn’t pleased with Daryl Harper’s decision

Dhoni, the then India’s Test captain, wasn’t satisfied with Daryl Harper’s choice; as he suspected the umpire should’ve been somewhat tolerant on the newcomer. In any case, Harper brought up that Praveen Kumar had just played more than 50 ODIs previously and knew about the laws. Dhoni didn’t appreciate Daryl’s expulsion of Praveen Kumar at all. Praveen was debuting for a test match.

Daryl recalls MS recommending he ought to have been increasingly indulgent to the newcomer. Before debuting in test matches, Praveen had played in 52 ODIs. That indicated he knew the Laws very well for the knowledge of the fans. The umpire had before prohibited Ishant Sharma additionally in 2000 for running on the pitch; and presumably MS Dhoni realized it also. Daryl Harper precisely recollected the Indian captain’ words for prohibiting Praveen Kumar; however then he chuckled on it and proceeded onward.

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