Days after losing newborn daughter, Vishnu Solanki loses his father as well

By BetBarter Staff

February 28, 2022

Every individual deals with losses differently, with some breaking down to it while others facing the challenge with grit and determination.  Vishnu Solanki, a Baroda cricketer showed that he is a man of steel when chose to stay with his team despite losing two of his closest family members. Earlier, Solanki lost his newborn daughter yet returned to play for Baroda in the Ranji Trophy only a day after. And now, within a few days, he also lost his father while he was playing in a match.

On the 27th of February, Vishnu was called inside in the middle of the match by the manager. It was then that he received the news that his ailing father had passed away. His father had been suffering from an illness for a while and was hospitalized. Solanki had to attend the funeral on a video call as he chose to be with the team for the domestic tournament.

Earlier, when his daughter had passed away, the 29-year old travelled back to his hometown for a day to perform the last rights. His daughter was just a day old as she passed away in the hospital. He returned to the team after attending the funeral. Post his return, he hit a century while playing against Chandigarh.

“Vishnu had the option of not returning after his daughter’s death but the team man that he is, he didn’t want to leave his team in the lurch. That’s what makes him a special human being,” a Baroda Cricket Association official was quoted saying by My Khel.

Not many knew about the first tragedy. It was only after Baroda Cricket Association CEO Shishir Hattangadi broke the news on Twitter that everyone came to know about it. The Twitterati lauded the Baroda cricketer for his determination and willpower.

“A story of a Cricketer who lost his newborn daughter a few days ago. He attends the funeral and gets back to represent his team to get a hundred. His name may not make social media “likes”, but for me #vishnoosolanki is a real-life hero. An inspiration,” he tweeted.