'Dharmasena has quite the eye'- Twitter has a field day on behest of Kumar Dharmasena's bad umpiring & questionable social media use

Sri Lanka umpire Kumar Dharmasena, has been under the scanner for bad umpiring recently, he is once again in the news for something else.

Daniel S
Jul 18, 2022 14:09 IST
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Kumar Dharmasena

Kumar Dharmasena (Image source: Twitter)

If there are patches of bad form for cricketers, there must be one for Umpires too. For example, Virat Kohli is going through a prolonged bad reign of form. Similarly, it looks like the Sri Lankan umpire Kumar Dharmasena is on the samenboat.

Recently the cricket umpire has come under the scanner for poor umpiring in Sri Lanka vs Australia Test and the ongoing Sri Lanka vs Pakistan Test as well. The 51-year-old made multiple umpiring errors during the recently concluded Test against Australia, giving not out to Dinesh Chandimal when the ball clearly edged his bat. The Sri Lanka batter went on to score a double century in that match and defeated Australia as a result of it.

In ongoing Sri Lanka- Pakistan Test he made similar errors giving Naseem Shah out despite no edge off his bat. Eagle-eyed critics soon flocked to his Social media to see what he’s on about when not umpiring and the results were surprising, to say the least.

One Twitter user revealed Dharmasena liking a girl’s picture from his official page and commenting ‘Beautiful’ on it. This was all twitter needed to have some fun and they ran with it.

Posting the same picture one Twitter user wrote, “Kumar Dharmasena has quite the eye. Noy for cricket, but quite an eye indeed.”, pocking fun at his umpiring and his activity on social media.

Another user wrote, “Kumar Dharmasena and his fascination with Leg before wickets is never dying.”

Let’s look at some of these tweets.

Kumar Dharmasena has quite the eye. Not for cricket, but quite an eye indeed pic.twitter.com/vj2QXFsNn7

— Dweplea (@dweplea) July 18, 2022

Talking of Sri Lanka vs Pakistan game, Sri Lanka lead Pakistan at the end of the third day with one wicket remaining. Sri Lanka made 222 runs in the first innings and bowled out Pakistan on 218 despite a great century knock from Babar Azam.

The host team has a lead of 333 on the back of Dinesh Chandimal’s 86* and Kushal Mendis’s 76 at the end of the third day.

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