Do you know these facts about Ravi Shastri?

By Bet Barter

September 17, 2020

Ravi Shastri celebrates his birthday on 27th May. It was his 58th birthday this year which was celebrated by former India All rounder and current head coach Ravi Shastri. With its participation in various capacities, the decorated cricketer continues to be a popular figure of the game.

Shastri has achieved success everywhere since his trial debut in New Zealand, when his trial was replaced by wounded fleets, and he won the 1983 World Cup championship, becoming a famous commenter and later head coach of the Indian cricket team.

Here are the first 5 top things you need to know about Shastri

1) He was still at university when an Indian team’s SOS in New Zealand saw him flown into the country as a substitute for Dilip Joshi for injury. He made an incredible debut and went on to attempt six wickets.

2) He began his worldwide career as batsman No. 10. But he proved his credentials in the flash of an eye and opened the innings for India in two years ‘ time.

3) Shastri had an impressive record of some of his time’s most powerful bowling attacks. He was on average 39.69 in the 7 centuries against West Indians, Pakistan, England and Australia. As an opener, he’s shooting an average of 400 years up to 56.45.

4) He played 80 tests at 35.79 runs, including 11 hundred and 12 fifties, and scored 3830 runs. His top score was 206, with Australia scored. In 150 ODIs, 3108 runs were scored at 29.04, of which 4 centuries and 18 50.

5) Shastri collected 151 wickets for the tests and 129 wickets for the ODIs with his left-arm spin.

Following are the next 5 things about Shastri:

6) For over three decades, the record in first-class cricket was held for the fastest double century (in minutes). During Mumbai against Baroda during a match with the Ranji Trophy in 1985, he only took 113 minutes to the scoreboard. In this match, Ravi Shastry was 2nd batsman for hitting 6 times.

7) Shastri has been elected ‘Champions of Champions’ for his excellent all-round display at the Cricket World Championship in Australia in 1985. He got an Audi 100 and Shastri still has the car, sometimes on Sundays he takes it for a drive.

8) Shastri has experienced many historical firsts for the Indian cricket team since his takeover as head teacher. They won the first bilateral ODI series in Australia and South Africa, among other nations.

9) Shastri was a flamboyant character who took headlines for one and out of the field for his exploits. Bollywood actress Amrita Singh, who later married Saif Ali Khan, was rumorous of him.

10) Rito Singh married in 1990 to Shastri. You have an Aleka daughter, who was born in 2008 at the age of 46.

11) Few of such a generation know his identity is Ravishankar Shastri, who somewhere along the way has been pruned to Ravi. Since teaming up for a TV show named ‘The Shaz & Waz show,’ he was also known as “Shaz” for a while.

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