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Don Bradman death anniversary: Five records set by the legend that may never be broken

By BetBarter Staff

February 25, 2022

Don Bradman, also known as ‘The Don,’ was one of the most brilliant batters of his time. To date, he is still recognized as the greatest batter to have ever represented the game. Hailing from Cootamundra, New South Wales, Bradman played for Australia between 1928 and 1948.

The skill set of Bradman cannot be describe in words. He could stand in the middle for days and exhaust the bowlers to win his team matches. One of the most famous incidents in cricket involved Don Bradman. During an Ashes series in 1932-33, Douglas Jardline used the ‘Bodyline’ tactic against him and other Australian batters to restrict them from scoring freely. Bradman stood strong scored a century despite not wearing a helmet.

Don Bradman passed away on 25th February 2001 after suffering from pneumonia. On his 21st death anniversary, here are five records that he holds, which may never be broken.

Most runs against a single opposition

Don Bradman was always ready to battle out England. He scored 5028 runs in the 37 matches that he played against England. This to date is the most runs scored against a single opposition.

Most centuries against a single opposition

Bradman loved playing against England. In addition to the most runs, he holds the record of most centuries against a single opposition.. He scored a massive 19 centuries against England. The next highest on the list is Sunil Gavaskar with 13 centuries against the West Indies.

Highest batting average

This record proves that Don Bradman was the most consistent player in the history of the game.  Bradman had an eye popping average of 99.94 during his career. This means that he almost scored 100 runs in every game. This figure would have crossed the 100 mark if he had scored just 4 more runs in his final innings. Instead, he was out for a duck.

Triple century in a single day

There have been a few instances where players have scored a triple century and have also gone beyond that. However, never has this feat been achieved in a single day, except for once. Don Bradman walked into bat only after 11 deliveries were bowled in the innings against England in 1930. He scored 309 runs on that day and scored a total of 334 runs in the innings before he was dismissed.

Fastest thousand figures

Bradman multiplied his runs at a remarkable speed.  Bradman took just 13 innings to reach 1000 runs, 22 innings to reach 2000 runs, 33 innings to reach 3000, 48 innings to reach 4000, 56 innings to reach 5000, and 68 innings to reach 6000 runs. Bradman ended his career with 6996 runs in 52 Tests.