Dravid Analyses Dhoni’s Success Mantra

By Bet Barter

August 4, 2020

In a webinar organized by The Great Lakes Institute of Management, the Wall of Indian Cricket, Rahul Dravid spoke on leadership. Former BCCI chief N Srinivasan was also present at the same webinar. Dravid spoke on the reason for Chennai Super Kings’ unmatchable consistency in the IPL, as they have not only won the multi-billion competition thrice but also reached the knockouts in each of the editions they have been part of. The success of the franchise undoubtedly owes a lot to the leadership skills of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. For a team to maintain such consistency in a format where dynamics change in the blink of an eye, CSK has set the high bar for all the other teams.

Speaking on the success mantra of the franchise, Dravid remarked that CSK has had access to relevant data. The support staff associated with the team has always done a good job with all the scouting process. They have been associated with various age groups cricketers and have a better understanding of the domestic setup; which helps them recognize and recruit the best local talent. 

Dhoni completely relies on his instinct

Apart from all the men working on the data and statistics, Dravid also stated; that the team has been blessed to have a leader of the caliber of Dhoni who probably does not rely on the data and numbers. Dravid called Dhoni as a man who relies on his instincts; which is mandatory for a team if it wants to succeed; because the metrics and the numbers hardly matter once the team takes the field.

Commenting on the dynamics associated with the T20 matches, Dravid further remarked; that situations may arise where a tough decision has to made, then the previous statistics become redundant. It requires the captain, the team leader to make a quick decision; and this is where the World cup winning captain has been successful. Dhoni’s expertise at comprehending the match situations; and his instinctive decisions have more often than not, turned out to be fruitful. One of the recent instances of Dhoni’s incredible match-reading abilities can be traced back to the IPL 2019 finals; when he placed his best fielders at long-on and log-off, to counter the threat of Kieron Pollard.

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