English Premier League top records

By Miguel Prazeres

August 24, 2020

Created in 1992, replacing the former Football League, the Premier League is considered today the best league in the world. Is the home of some of the richest clubs, best coaches and players in the world. The main English league is also the most profitable and the one with most money distributed by the clubs, contributing to the big competitiveness and interest. Since 1992, there have been many memorable moments in the competition where some of the greatest football myths have constructed his reputation. But after all, who has the most remarkable Premier League records? Get to know some of the most impressive clubs and players.

Premier League: Club Records

More titles: Despite being away from the conquests since 2013, Manchester United is still the king of the Premier League. They won the competition 13 times.

Biggest point difference: In the 2017/18 season, Manchester City reached 100 points, with a 19-point advantage over Manchester United. The biggest point difference ever.

Smallest point difference: In 2011/12, both rivals from the city of Manchester finished with the same 89 points. Manchester City ended up winning thanks to the goal average. How can we forget Aguero’s epic moment?

Earlier champion: Liverpool’s dominance in 2019/20 set a new record. Klopp’s team celebrated the league’s trophy with 7 matches to play.

More points: Again the 2017/18 season and Manchester City – They reached 100 points, the maximum point total achieved so far.

Fewer points: In 2007/08, Derby County only got 11 points. They were relegated.

Most wins in one season (38 games): Liverpool twice in 2017/18 and 2019/20, and Manchester City in 2017/18 hold the record for most wins in a single season: 32.

Less wins in one season (38 games): In 2007/08, Derby County only managed to win one game.

Most wins in a row: The record is set in 18, thanks to the amazing campaigns of Manchester City and Liverpool in recent years.

More defeats in one season: Ipswich Town, Sunderland and Derby County lost 29 games in a single season.

More goals scored in one season: Manchester City scored 106 goals in the 2016/17 season.


Most matches played: Gareth Barry made 653 Premier League appearances between Aston Villa, Everton, West Bromwich and Manchester City.

More goals: The legend Alan Shearer, with 260 goals, is still the best goalscorer ever in the competition.

Older player to score: Teddy Sheringham scored at 40 years and 268 days in the clash between West Ham and Portsmouth.

Youngest player to score: With 16 and 271 days, James Vaughan is the youngest player ever to score in a Premier League match.

Most consecutive matches: Between August 2004 and October 2012, Brad Friedel played 310 Premier League games, in a row.

Fastest goal: with just 7.69 seconds in the game, Shane Long opened the scoreboard for Southampton against Watford, in the 2018/19 season.

Most goals in a single season: Mohamed Salah, with 24 goals, set the record in 2017/18.

More goals in a year: Harry Kane in 2017 set a new maximum with 39 goals.

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