Dota 2 pros criticize ESL’s decision to unban matchfixers

Dota 2 players banned for matchfixing and account sharing will reportedly be unbanned by the end of 2024 by ESL, other pros are not happy with the decision.

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Professional Dota 2 players are now criticizing ESL’s decision to allow players banned for match-fixing after their ban duration ends. This comes in the context of a massive match-fixing scandal in the EU Dota 2 scene.

The players were handed a lifetime ban by Valve for match-fixing and impersonating. These included -

Aslan "Paradise" Vadilov

Emil "Keintseru" Daminov

Victor "SuperNova" Galichkin

Danil "illusion" Grzhevka

Bisembaev "Lilskrip" Bauyrzhan

Kamil "Koma" Biktimirov

Vladislav "Chambl" Khorolcev

Yaroslav "Limitless" Parhsin

Sergey “[T]SA” Timchenko

Kirill "deihra" Kharitonov

ESL’s response to Limitless

However, Limitless, in a recent post in his telegram, revealed that his ESL ban will be lifted this year in December. After that, the ten players banned will be allowed to participate in the ESL tournament.

As per limitless, ESL responded, saying, “We honour all publisher bans at our events for a period of 2 years for the first offence. After this time, players can participate, although repeat offenses can also be punished with a lifetime ban.

“The duration of the bans, the ones you're talking about, will expire, unless there is reason to extend them, in December 2024. I hope that's clear, and thank you for reaching out,” the response further said.

Pros not happy with ESL’s decision

Naturally, pro players did not like the decision, Oliver Lepko aka skiter said that ESL’s decision was not wise and asked them to reconsider. “Letting former matchfixers back into competitive Dota hurts the integrity of pro games. I wish ESL gonna backtrack this statement and realize the mistake they are making,” he wrote.

Another popular Dota pro responded to skiter and agreed with his statement. He said that these players have broken professional integrity. “How can he play against them knowing they can be cheating,” he said.

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