ESL BGMI Pro Series; Challenge Finals dates and teams

Have a look at the schedule and the top 16 teams qualified for the upcoming ESL BGMI Pro Series Challenge Finals after 12 days of intense matches

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ESL BGMI Pro Series

With Week 4 matches concluding, we now have our top 16 teams moving to the Challenge Finals of the ESL BGMI Pro Series. All teams will now be playing for the championship trophy and the Rs 1 crore prize pool.

The Challenge Season was mostly dominated by seasoned teams, while new entries saw some struggle. Chemin Esports qualified with the most points, followed by Global Esports and Team SouL.

Teams qualifying for the finals will now play 18 matches that will run across three days. February 16th to February 18th. Teams with the most points will secure the championship crown.

Here are the final 16 qualifiers -

Chemin Esports - 381 points

Global Esports - 359 points

Team SouL - 346 points

Entity Gaming - 346 points

Team Iflick - 338 points

Revenant Esports - 337 points

WSB Gaming - 316 points

Gods Reign - 307 points

Blind eSports - 307 points

Orangutan - 295 points

Gujarat Tigers - 295 points

Carnival Gaming - 293 points

Team Forever - 288 points

OREsports - 283 points

Hydra - 278 points

GENxFM Esports - 271 points

Week 4 Day 12 saw teams like Team Iflick, Revenant Esports and Global Esports dominating the battlefield. Other teams like OREsports and Hydra also shined equally, however, due to previous bad performance, the teams were on the edge.

GodLike Esports could not manage to reach the top 16 this time around. The team was only one point behind GENxFM Esports and finished 17 after Day 12.

Week 4 top fraggers -

NinjaBoi from Global Esports has consistently been on the top of the leaderboard. Currently boasting 76 finishes, he holds the top place. The second place is held by Admino from OResports with 54 finishes.

The third top fragger position is held by Punkk from Reckoning Esports with 52 finishes. Sadly, even with his efforts, the team did not manage to make it into the top 16.

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