TSM planning to regain fame in esports community

North American esports organization TSM has acknowledged the concerns of their fans and promised a return to the esports scene by the end of 2024

Sarah Andrew
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Popular North American esports organization, Team Solo Mid (TSM), recently responded to fans. The org, since last year, is not doing so well. The team reportedly canned many of its esports branches and went radio silent.

One of the ex-employees reported that TSM only had 9 people left. Their silence and exiting the league by selling their slot led players to believe that the organization was in trouble. However, in a recent social media post, the TSM has clarified that they are here to stay.

Planning a comeback

The organization confirmed that it faced some troubled times. Although they promised that it is not the end. They will be back on their feet in the competitive esports scene once again. As for this year, TSM is starting with Rocket League.

Competitive Rocket League is experiencing a facelift this year and fans are excited. This year’s RLCS will be managed by Blast and will be quite significant compared to previous tournaments.

As for other competitive games. TSM revealed that they are expecting to become one of the partnered teams for League of Legends by the end of 2024. If that works out, the team will be back in action next year.

Apart from these two, the team will also try their hands on Valorant and Call of Duty. While their announcement did give fans a relief, it remains to be seen how it will work out.

Call of Duty Esports also suffering

The Call of Duty esports scene is also currently not in great shape. While their plans were big for 2024, the recent Microsoft layoffs reportedly affected Activision a lot. The esports department currently only has 12 full-time employees.

While one may say that they can always hire more, remember that the whole point of lay-offs was to cut costs. This means that the current people will have to manage more during the ongoing Call of Duty league.

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