Everything about the new MS Dhoni song

The internet is mad about the 39th birthday of the former Cricket Captain. This time, by releasing its song composed for Dhoni, Bravo celebrated Dhoni’s birthday.

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Aug 29, 2020 11:06 IST
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The internet is mad about the 39th birthday of the former Cricket Captain. This time, by releasing its song composed for Thala, Bravo celebrated Dhoni’s birthday.

MS Dhoni turns 39 today, 7 July, with a celebration of fans and friends. Instagram and Twitter's '#HappyBirthdayDhoni' tendency.

West Indies' Dwayne Bravo, a rounder who shared the helicopter song with the nation, paid a birthday tribute to the chase master. Bravo shared the song's teaser on the evening of his birthday.  An hour later, he posted a song for all Dhoni fans all over the world but also said he kept his word.

In 1 hour the helicopter will take off!! @mahi7781 and music videos are available for my fans and all fans of Thala around the world as a pledge. That's a birthday present to him @chennaiipl thx to my champion’s team for this project. Bravo tweeted along with the video, "You are ready!

Bravo said on Dhoni’s birthday he was going to release this album. This song is being played in social media and over 200,000 views have already been reached. For Dhoni, he wanted what was best. He said during his time at CSK, CSK captain had inspired a number of players, including his own.

It's also said he called song 7, that this is Dhoni and that it's a CSK skipper's special number.

The song shows Dhoni's different accomplishments. From his life as an Indian railway ticket collector to become the first captain of the Indian cricket team to win all three ICC trophies.

Check the YouTube song, 'This Ranchi baby is called Dhoni. He's making India proud and history' – the Dhoni song's magic lyrics are read.

Characteristics of Mahendra Singh Dhoni

One of the most charismatic captains on the field, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a character people love. Dhoni is no doubt is one of cricket's most famous ODI captains. Your head will scratch all of your field options. People suppose that he is still a guy who tries his instincts and decides what's wrong with his intestines.

His way of handling success

Persons who excel early in their careers frequently lose their equilibrium. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is humble and polite at the beginning of his career. In victory or in the loss he is not over-emotional. His skills are good.

Respects the Competitors

You know that you've reached a landmark in sport or in some other area when your rivals take you seriously and show some respect for you. Dhoni’s clear, cool conduct has made this possible. As part of sloping on the ground, you can never find Dhoni.

His excellent Wicket Keeping Skills

In the last few times, he’s probably India's best wicket-keeper. He is the quickest guard and can take wickets even though there is no risk of slipping or running out. He's got a unique wicket style that distinguishes him from others.

His Power

If Dhoni hits the ball with force, nobody can field the ball. That's one thing with him, he's hitting the ball, and every Dhoni fan waits for that moment.

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