Everything you need to know about Andrew Flintoff

Former England cricket player and a well-known cricketer Andrew Flintoff is known as the "Freddie," in the cricketing world.

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Andrew Flintoff

Andrew Flintoff

Former England cricket player Andrew Flintoff is known as "Freddie" in the cricketing world. Flintoff is one of the best full players in the game, contributing to his team with ball and bat. This left handing batsman and fast bowler, born on 6 December 1977, has been a part of the cricket team in England for many years and has played all over the world in many leagues.

His Background

Flintoff was into cricket from his childhood. When he was 16, he wanted to give up going to school. As a young man, he played cricket for the Under-11 and Under-15 teams in Lancashire Academy. He was then on the England Under-19 Squad for two and a half years.

For its 1996-97 trial to Pakistan and 1997 at home against Zimbabwe, Flintoff was elected as captain of the England Under-19 teams.

His first appearance

Flintoff debuted in 1998 at Trent Bridge against South Africa. In the game, he took a wicket and only managed 17 runs. The UK eventually took 8 wickets for the game. He made his ODI debut one year later in Sharjah with Pakistan. In the pressure situation, Flintoff scored a half-century of war, but could not save Britain from losing. He had to wait for his return to South Africa by the end of 1999 to return to the team after his first series.

Rise to Happiness

At the 2003 New Zealand Tour, Flintoff showed its shape. After 423 rounds he pillaged his first test sound, and after 423 races against South Africa, he continued his good shape.

Despite not many wickets in hand, Flintoff had remained a critical part of the bowling attack. During the 2004 West Indies tour, his first five-wind car arrived in Bridgetown where he ended up with figures 5/58 leading Britain to a great victory.

In 2004, the UK wiped out both New Zealand and West Indies, winning 603 runs and taking 24 wickets.

His Captaincy

At the beginning of 2006, Flintoff appointed as England skipper. For 2006-07, he was captain of England on the Australia Ashes Tour. A disaster for England that eventually dropped 5-0.

His Club Career

Andrew Flintoff has always been a favorite of selectors in different leagues around the world because of his wide variety of skills. In the Indian Premier League for different teams, in the Big Bash League and the French County, he played for the Chennai Super Kings.

His Achievements

From one-day worldwide crickets with 168 wickets, Flintoff is England's fourth most noteworthy wicket-taker and 219 wickets are the fourteenth most noteworthy in Test cricket.

For the 6th most scored by any English player, Flintoff has a record. In each of the five days of a test coordinate, Flintoff has been recently the seventh player.

His Retirement

In 2009 Flintoff decided to leave the game due to a variety of injuries and controversies. In August 2009, he played his last test against Australia and the last ODI against West Indies. He took 5 wickets and England went on to win the match with 25 runs.

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