Everything you need to know about Virender Sehwag

By Bet Barter

August 28, 2020

Whether it is in the test match or in a 20-20 that would hit the ball harder, at the time Virender Sehwag would follow the air route by hitting the fiery cut off hard.

On 29 March 2004, Indian Batsman-ship was brought to another orbit by Virender Sehwag. Throughout the last 72 years of the test history, he has accomplished what no previous Indian batsman could achieve.

Virender Sehwag was indeed a player who managed the opening hour. The bowler’s first session was given a standard view, but Virender Sehwag is unusual in all situations. His mind was always distracted by the lines and length of the bowlers.

To link the flow Sehwag did not hold back. Virender Sehwag was another talented batsman. Not an excellent technical player, but with his exceptional hand-eye coordination abilities and clean hitting aura, it was made up.

Experts and media who’ve seen him for both the India team in 2001 may have been convinced this bloke was a hero of one series only. Few would have thought that his unorthodox style of footwork would be the cause of his sudden departure from cricket. However, he established himself as the best opening batsman Indian has ever seen at this point in a dominant career that lasted for more than 10 years. Still, Sehwag is without question backed by boggling estimates. With 104 tests for India and an impressive strike rate of 8586 runs at 82.35, he became one of the best players. In the course of his career, Virender Sehwag played 251 ODIs and racked up 8273 runs of 104.35.

Sehwag’s Cricket journey

From now on, Virender Sehwag is the ever Indian sniper with two triples in the longest format. He is also one of the three Indian players who put their names in history by smashing a cricket game of two hundred in one day. In three World Cup campaigns, Sehwag tendered India team and revolutionized batting batters. He established himself with Sachin Tendulkar as the most successful opening pairs in cricket history.

No other virtuous player such as Sachin Tendulkar, no other skilled craftsman like VVS Laxman, never another like Rahul Dravid can pass. There’ll be no other test bat. They’re never going to be a batsman with a smooth hard-hitting quality like Virender Sehwag, in their first hour of batting.

When the curtain came down in 2015, the element of breach of age finally revealed it, as his dowry Sharp reflexes went down. He was not that reliable during the last few test intervals and frequently dropped from his side. It was five years ago that we found another batsman of the talent of Sehwag. He was seen last in the Indian Dugout. A different caliber player was Virender Sehwag and only he can probably do what he does.

Sehwag was a player ahead of his time. Imagine if he began his career in 2020. Sehwag played 20-20 times in test matches in 2004. He ended the captainship of several opposing captains with an awful battle.

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