Family, friends bid emotional goodbye to Shane Warne private funeral

By BetBarter Staff

March 20, 2022

Shane Warne‘s family and friends raised their glasses in the memory of their beloved at his favourite football ground. Warne was given a final lap at the St. Kilda Oval on the 20th of March. Almost 80 family members and friends attended the procession.

His coffin was put in a car and it did a lap of the football field. While the close family members moved along with the car, the friends were in the stands raising a toast to his life. ‘The Time of My Life’ from the iconic 80s movie, Dirty Dancing played in the background as the procession moved along.

 Fix You by Coldplay and Simply The Best by Tina Turner were also played during the outdoor portion of the funeral as Warne’s body was driven away for the final time.

Warne’s son Jackson, the youngest daughter Summer, kissed the coffin as they broke into tears. His eldest daughter, Brooke held herself together as she did not let herself break down through the tribute to her father. His parents Bridgette and Keith were also present at the private ceremony. They too looked devastated at the loss of their son.

Shane Warne was a lifetime fan of the AFL club St. Kilda. The club also admired him as he was their loyal fan. They decided to give him a tribute in the game against Collingwood at home on Friday. Shane Warne’s son, Jackson and daughter Brook were at the toss, and Jackson was given the opportunity to flip the coin.

The players of St. Kilda also paid their tributes, as they donned the jersey number 23 with Warne’s name on it during practices. The saints also had #708 painted on the turf, which is the number of Test wickets Warne achieved.

Notably, Warne passed away in Thailand due to a suspected heart attack.