Famous cricketers across the world who have been involved in controversies

By Bet Barter

August 28, 2020

Cricket came back in 2000 when a Hansie Cronje incident shocked the whole cricket world and the cricketers. Although cricket was widely called a Gentleman Game due to its large fan base around the cricketing brotherhood. However, imagine a scenario in which we announce that the cricket world was shaken with a few hot debates of famous cricketers throughout their esteemed professors. During the highly professional cricket game, many players came and became famous for being one of the Perlis.

Meanwhile, a few horrible young blocks were very common in drawing litigations because of the destruction of their crafts. It is known that any small town cricketer will play cricket and represent the national team at the global level by miles. It’s an illusion. However it may be, some gamers were unable to convert the limelight into one of the far removed figures of the game.

Few players who have injured have affected their recognition. Besides, the prestige of the game has been wounded.

Below are few cricketers those have destroyed their cricket career by getting involved in various controversies:

Andrew Symonds

Amongst the most fascinating character mostly on the best side of Australia ever was Andrew Symonds. He was a touchy and sumptuous cricket player. The year was 2005 when he entered the headlines and just before Bangladesh he was drinking alcohol. The Australian Cricket board fined him for exceeding his limits before even the match. When he missed the meeting and went on fishing and then was out of the national squad for a period of inconclusive time, he had particular, unprofessional conduct.

Shoiab Akhtar

Along with Brett Lee, he was the nightmare for the batsman in the era. The bowlers around him have explained the “rare race of bowlers” in the world of pure cricketing; when cricket was better and enjoyable. Shoiab was only a couple of those pacers who could bowl from both sides of the wicket over 150 km per hour. It was uncommon at cricket. It is not going to be wrong in any way if we say men in green have built the Perl after Imran Khan as Shoiab Akhtar. Anyway, one element in his famous cricket puzzle changed to his vitality in discussions.

In 2003, after he was found to be able to adjust ball at some point in the Triangle tournaments. Shoiab turned into a boycott of 5 games. Akhtar, led by the 3 games of his boycott of the manipulations of Paul Adams. He was a poor cricket boy who never stopped despite a few more controversies.

Kevin Pietersen

Superstar is a great way of defining this impressive talent in the England team. Kevin Pietersen has accrued a great number of runs and his numbers speak of his calculation. He had to pay an enormous fee for failing to be successful with the England Cricket Board, colleagues, and mentor in any event. The violent flamboyant middle-order Batsman of England was handed over to the captainship of England, who came back in 2008. In the final challenge in the famous Oval venue; Kevin Pietersen starts with an unprecedented beginning with success, in comparison to South Africa, 4-0 against the undistinguishable rivals in the ODI series.

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