FC Seoul apologizes for using sex dolls as audience

By Miguel Prazeres

May 18, 2020

The management of FC Seoul apologized for having placed sex dolls in the stands of the stadium for the game against Gwangju, held yesterday, Sunday, behind closed doors, in which they won 1-0, after almost all of their fans vocally surged against the initiative. The idea was to give the impression that after all, spectators were watching the match, giving their support for the home team, leading them to a win over their opponent. However, the idea backfired against the management, putting them in a harsh position.

“We sincerely regret that we have created an uncomfortable situation for our fans. We guarantee that the dolls had nothing to do with sex toys”, the FC Seoul management stated in a letter to the media and all their fans, apologizing for their mistake.

The dolls were positioned according to the social distancing rules required in this phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, it caused outrage that the dolls were dressed in t-shirts and masks displaying advertising for a sexual goods company. All in all, none of this should have happened, as FC Seoul was probably trying to start a trend for other clubs to follow, but ended up burned from this incident.

FC Seoul is currently standing in the 6th place with one win and one loss in the two matches they’ve made so far. They’ll be looking to secure a top 6 spot when it’s all said and done in order to advance to the Championship Group. Last year, they have earned an Asian Champions League qualification place due to their 3rd place. Can they do better this year?

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