FIFA 21: Release date, price, consoles and more

There's still a lot to reveal, but we take a look at some details, such as release date, how much it will cost, where it will be playable on, and more.

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To be launched still in 2020, EA Sports' new FIFA 21 will for sure be a mark for millions of esports lovers and fans all over the world. There's still a lot to reveal, but we take a look at some details, such as release date, how much it will cost, where it will be playable on, and more.

What is FIFA 21 release date?

It's still uncertain due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the new edition of FIFA can be launched in September 2020. Normally it hits the shelves on the last Friday of September, so the new FIFA 21 could be available to buy on September 25.

As we saw in previous editions, pre-order will be granted to the ones who want to be able to play in advance of that date, meaning the game could be available September 21.

There's no official release date yet, but EA Sports is expected to follow the same strategy from previous editions. The developer is set to announce new titles on June 18.

Price for FIFA 21 standard and premium versions

There's also no official confirmation regarding prices for FIFA 21 standard and premium versions. Following previous editions, the game's standard edition cost around € 60.

EA Sports extends its offer with special editions filled with extra perks, and they cost slightly more. The last edition of the game had a Champions Edition at € 79.99 and Ultimate Edition priced at € 89.99/€ 99.99.

Available for which consoles?

Next-generation consoles like PS5 or Xbox Series X could be released somewhere at the end of the year, which means they could be available in October or November. If FIFA 21 is to be released in September, it seems logical to think the game will be available to play on the new consoles.

FIFA 21 will be available on PS4, Xbox one and PC.

What new features will have?

There's still no confirmation about new features, but surely the game will present new improvements in numerous modes.

FIFA 21 Career Mode

Fans expect to see new improvements in Career mode, such as more realistic transfers, stadium editor, and greater integration of youth players. A new variation of managerial reactions and improved engagement with the crowd is also expected.

New Icons joining the roster

The new game means always new icons and FIFA 21 is expected to have new legends available, such as David Beckham, Franz Beckenbauer, Oliver Kahn, and Francesco Totti.

Introduction of Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

VAR is now part of football but it's yet to be seen in FIFA. Despite the game not having errors related to referee decisions, it would be no surprise if FIFA 21 had some integration of VAR in the gameplay.

New leagues and clubs

FIFA 20 had no license for Juventus club and Barcelona's stadium, Camp Nou. As Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer has the official license rights for that, new FIFA 21 will still be deprived of having these two. However, it will be interesting to see if there are new additions to the game.

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